Front-End ASR

Speak-EZÌ integrates your EHR, RIS or PACS with hosted Dragon 360 Anywhere and with Dragon Desktop assisting providers by:

· Saving partial dictations for later completion

· Sending selected voice files to a transcription staff or MTSO

· Inserting pre-defined ‘Normals’ by spoken command

· Including web-based electronic signature

· Enabling referring physicians to listen to voice files via telephone

· Allowing viewing of previously completed transcripts

· Automatically delivering transcript copies in soft or hard copy


Providers choose the deployment scheme that best suits their environment, either a premise-based option or a cloud-hosted alternative.  Speak-EZÌ enhances a Dragon license by providing extra functionality including HIPAA audit logging, EHR integration and HL7 support.  This front-end solution supplies the flexibility physicians require in today’s HITECH environment with options to self-edit routine dictations or to send more complex voice files to a transcription specialist when patients are waiting.  Call 800.344.1323 for more information on how to purchase Dragon and the Speak-EZÌ module of the TAÌ clinical workflow system.