Bridge The Gap

The TA+ platform is the perfect bridge between physicians’ need for efficiency and EHR mandated physician entry. Transcript Advantage+ software provides the flexibility physicians require with Mobile+, our smart phone app, your choice of front-end or back-end speech recognition and hassle-free remotely hosted software. We give each physician the freedom to dictate according to his or her device preferences and one-touch Stat prioritization. With Arrendale’s tool set physicians have the capability to document with front-end speech recognition or to seamlessly send selected voice files to qualified medical transcriptionists. We include a physician-friendly web-based e-signature module or deliver transcripts to your EHR for signing. Additionally, we’re interface experts who routinely simplify the process by adjusting our interface segments to match any EHR specifications.


In summary, we customize our software to fit your daily workflow and not the other way around. From dictation via a smart phone for a single physician to a complete clinical documentation workflow system, we’ll configure all software components to expedite your workflow processes. Call 800.344.1323 to learn how we can Bridge the Gap between documentation and EHR entry in today’s HITECH healthcare world.