Mobile Efficiency

Unlike digital recorders, Mobile+ begins the workflow immediately by delivering encrypted voice files to transcriptionists, accelerating turnaround times and improving the quality of patient care. The workflow efficiency of Mobile+ and intuitive smart phone navigation assist providers as they adjust to today’s challenging healthcare schedules. Mobile+ imports lists of today’s inpatients or the daily patient schedule with metadata to ensure accuracy and reduce errors. To ease the transition to smart phone dictation we mimic the standard dictation functions such as rewind, insert, fast forward and overwrite. With Mobile+ just a single tap prioritizes an urgent voice file as a Stat without any additional steps by the physician. Security officers endorse Mobile+ due to its encryption over HTTPS, HIPAA audit logging of recording and listening events and our password policy standards. The collaboration of this technology with your hospital or physician practice EHR delivers the convenience physicians need today. Call 800.344.1323 for more information on smart phone dictation and to learn how quickly your physicians can begin dictation efficiency with Mobile+.