UK and Irish Hospitals

Since 2008 trusts and private hospitals in the UK and Ireland have selected Arrendale’s modular clinical documentation software system to meet their complex workflow requirements.  Modules include a variety of dictation input options with centrally-stored voice files, speed-producing word processing, web-enabled electronic signature and online automated letter delivery.  Hospitals using Transcript Advantage (TA+), the software platform, maintain departmental autonomy with regard to letter appearance and delivery options while enjoying a searchable repository of all transcripts.  Departments can be configured with a one-to-one relationship between physician and secretary or with specified typing teams for each clinical department.   GPs have the option for front-end or back-end speech recognition to increase efficiency and improve turnaround time.



TA+ software benefits users throughout the trust including physicians, clinicians, secretaries and administrators.

Major benefits include:


• Smart phone, digital recorder, SpeechMike and traditional telephone dictation

• Remote letter viewing and electronic signature

• Keyword search engine feature for diagnoses, medications and symptoms


• Searchable letter repository

• Status updates for each voice file


• Typing with integrated medical spellchecker and abbreviation expander

• Digital dictation voice file clarity

• Automatic printing to departments and referring GPs


• Automation of letter delivery to central GP repositories, WinDip and DocMan

• Turnaround time reporting from voice file creation to electronic signature

• Cost savings with integrated Dragon front-end speech recognition

Our U.S. Support Center answers questions via toll-free calling and email 24/7.  Additionally, A+Network Transcription Services, our subsidiary, provides seamless letter typing services by U.S. professional transcriptionists.  We look forward to providing more details on how ‘across the pond’ hospitals and trusts can maximize the benefits of their technology budgets with TA+ digital dictation software.


“The installation of TA+ has been hugely beneficial at The County Hospital, enabling a faster turnaround time in the typing time and the secretaries much prefer this system to analogue typing.  The clinicians have found it of great benefit to be able to view patient letters or listen to those dictated but not yet typed.  The support from Arrendale has been marvelous and the Support Team are always friendly and polite and respond quickly to problem calls.  It is great to know that they are on standby to help with any problems.”

Fiona Cameron, Digital Dictation Manager, Wye Valley NHS Trust,

Herefordshire, United Kingdom, Customer since 2010