Arrendale solutions provide simple-to-operate, reliable, cost-effective pathology options including the hands-free operation that is frequently required at the gross sink, in the autopsy room or lab.  Standard dictation equipment is adapted for hands-free use with the addition of adjustable gooseneck microphones or boom mikes and footpedals.  Pathologists are then free to use both hands to work with samples while their dictation is sent to the digital dictation server.   From here, seamless workflow may include standard transcription into the lab system, standard transcription or speech recognition with TA+ or transcription outsourcing with MTSOs.  Hospital pathology departments may select to have their own right-sized dictation system or to exist as a department within a hospital’s enterprise-wide dictation system.

When replacing older systems, pathologists typically wish to improve system reliability and sound quality while reducing overall costs.  TA+ accomplishes these goals, adds new functionality, lowers annual support expense and keeps the transition short and straightforward for the pathologists.  The system includes state of the art reliability, MP3 sound quality, plus encryption and audit logging, which are lacking in pre-HIPAA era dictation systems.

When dictating from a desk location, pathologists may use traditional dictation devices, standard telephones or AAI’s PC-based dictation, Recorder+Pro.  Dictation devices and Recorder+Pro allow for barcode scanning by pathologists without the need for a separate barcode scanning device.  PC-based dictation provides additional efficiency for pathologists with the ability to view patient demographic and order data, obtained from facility host and lab systems, on the PC immediately after order number input.


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