Document Delivery

In today's interoperable world, transcripts must be securely accessible to multiple healthcare systems, paper charts and locations either in an online format or traditional print and fax. TA+ software accommodates all types of transcript distribution, both online and hard copy with a rules-based system. The flexible software allows unlimited individual rules to satisfy every requirement where rules are based on worktype, physician, practice, department, visit type and priority. Remote printing to nursing units, batch printing to departments and batch faxing to physician offices are common scenarios automated and tracked by TA+.

We routinely send transcripts via industry standard HL7 to EHR systems and PACS from Allscripts, Cerner, CPSI, Eclipsys, Epic, Fuji, GE Centricity, HMS, McKesson, Meditech, Novarad, Siemens, Varian and many more. When HL7 is not practical, a popular physician practice option is the transcript 'Download to a Directory' solution delivering transcripts to a PC folder at the practice with a customer-specified naming convention. Physician offices reclaim time previously spent filing and save on paper supplies.



Convenience Features Include:

  • Search feature to quickly narrow results including a 'never printed' search option
  • Audit logging of all activity: print, fax, HL7 delivery, e-download
    • Includes time, date, workstation ID, user ID and device ID for HIPAA
  • Color separator page for physician batch printing
  • Patient addressed envelope printing
  • Delivery status updates including: Submitted, Success, Failure
  • Automatic fax cover sheets with user defined text
  • Watermark options for: Carbon Copy, Electronically Signed, Original, Preliminary

Based on inbound HL7 data, deliveries may be based on attending, consulting, dictating, family, ordering, primary and referring physicians. Call 800-344-1323 option 2 to learn how the Distribution Console of TA+ will save time, energy and dollars for your staff.

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