As a management tool for HIM directors, Reporting+ provides a complete set of integrated reports to evaluate the productivity of a transcription staff, a QA staff and to analyze turnaround, dictation and clinical documentation activity.  Reporting+ captures all relevant statistics and allows unique customization of productivity data based on each facility’s individual requirements.  Both summary and detail format reports are offered with adjustable start and end dates.  All reports are password-protected and available within the TA+ product.  Data is gathered from the TA+ Oracle database and is maintained on the TA+ server for maximum speed.  In addition, data can be easily exported to other applications to run facility-specific reports.  Since line-counting methods vary within healthcare facilities, Reporting+ accommodates all major line counting methods.  No third-party software is needed to access the 50 standard reports within Reporting+.


Reporting+ includes a comprehensive group of administrative reports to manage medical language specialists, detailing activity by transcriptionist, correctionist, QA editor, physician and by work type.  Our reporting can be used to automate compensation calculations.  Reports specify ‘Reallocated’ jobs, those jobs that a transcriptionist has returned without transcribing.  The system requires a transcriptionist to explain why she did not complete a job when she reallocates.


Several reports are included to assist with daily workflow, such as a listing of Discarded Jobs, Jobs that are Missing Demographics and In Process Jobs.  Turnaround time reports provide details by physician, by work type, by department and by transcriptionist group, separating in-house jobs from outsourced work.  Reports itemize physician speech recognition error rates to facilitate the successful transition to backend TA+ Powered by SpeechMagic.  Reporting+ includes reports that summarize printing, faxing and e-signature activity.


A password protected productivity log is easily accessible within TA+ for each medical language specialist to check line count totals at any time during the work day.  TA+ automatically adjusts for edited reports. Supervisors are more efficient since they do not have to manually adjust productivity calculations for edits.

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