Back-End Speech Rec

The TA+ platform delivers cost savings and efficiencies with back-end integrated Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology.  Powerful, industry-leading speech recognition software works with all medical specialties, dialects and accents.  Users don’t need to launch a separate application; instead the draft text file is delivered to the medical language specialist’s queue for content and format editing.

How Back-End Speech Recognition Works

  • Back-end ASR integrates with all major EMR, HIS, PACs, PAS and RIS systems via TA+
  • Back-end ASR is seamless for dictators:
    • No change is needed to dictators’ current practices
    • If you don’t tell dictators, they will not notice a change
    • All TA+ dictation methods and devices are compatible with TA+ Backend ASR
  • A preliminary ‘Passive’  behind-the-scenes phase trains the speech engine on each unique author while transcripts are traditionally created
  • TA+ analytical reports suggest when to change from Passive to Active after accuracy attainment
    • Reporting available by physician, by physician and worktype and over time
  • ‘Active’ back-end ASR sends voice files through the speech server and produces ‘recognized’ text files, sent to medical language specialists immediately
  • Established TA+ workflow continues after review and editing for EHR upload and routing
  • Accuracy continuously improves due to editing feedback sent to the speech engine for learning

Efficiency Features

  • Automatic  deletion of the “ums” and “ehs”
  • Automatic  deletion of author comments that are not part of patient care
  • Formats and organizes text with headings and numbered lists
  • Constantly adapts to users’ specific dialects, accents and habits
  • Inserts correct punctuation, whether spoken or assumed by voice patterns

Arrendale’s back-end speech recognition comes with the integration tools to reduce costs while improving efficiency.  Health facility and MTSO customers typically achieve productivity improvements of forty percent and higher when implementing back-end speech recognition with the TA+ platform.  Our sales team looks forward to your call, 800.344.1323 option 2, to share next steps.