Digital Dictation with the TA+ Platform

Dictate+, the digital dictation system of the TA+ platform, is a fully-featured voice capture system delivering state of the art technology and impressive reliability for voice files from all devices.  Community hospitals, health systems and physician practices appreciate the convenience of cloud-hosted Dictate+ with Arrendale’s Support Center handling the server hosting, periodic maintenance and all upgrades.  If your facility is still using an older on-site dictation system with a hefty annual support fee, our remote-hosted solution will save dollars, provide new hardware and lighten the load for your IT staff, with remote access for managers.  Dictate+ stores all landline voice files plus the voice files from specialized devices such as smart phones (Mobile+), digital voice recorders (DVR+), Philips SpeechMikes (Speak-EZ+) in one central, accessible database.  Costly proprietary dictation consoles and hard wired phones are eliminated.

Physician Favorites with Dictate+

System prompts mimic your current setup for ease of transition
Physicians may flag a job as a STAT to expedite transcription
Voice files are available for listening via phone or on-line in TA+
Dictators have the option to receive a job number after each voice file
Jobs can be saved in an incomplete status for later completion

Benefits for Managers with Dictate+

Automatic addition of dictation date and time to transcripts
Web access from any internet-enabled PC with Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher
Displays of activity by facility, department, dictator and transcriptionist
Automatic workflow routing to: in-house staff, at-home staff and optional A+Network Transcription Services
Displays  of backlogged minutes and unassigned jobs
Instant management reporting for analysis in detail and summary formats
Online dictation instructions are provided in a printable pdf file, including keypad entries and worktypes

Efficiency for Information Systems Staff

Fewer telephone circuits are needed
Remote hosting saves facility hardware dollars
Remote hosting reduces facility IT helpdesk calls
Encrypted voice files meet regulatory compliance for privacy and HIPAA
Premise systems, both PRI (24 channel digital card) and analog circuit, are available
Customized system configurations for large healthcare systems
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