Arrendale Mobile+ Smart Phone Dictation


Arrendale Mobile+ is the smart phone app of the TA+ clinical documentation platform.  Arrendale Mobile+ provides the functionality of landline telephone dictation systems with the convenience to dictate on a device already in your pocket.  Dictators on the go no longer need to purchase, track and dock a digital voice recorder, saving time and dollars.  Utilizing the TA+ system, Mobile+ delivers encrypted voice files to transcriptionists immediately, accelerating turnaround times and improving the quality of patient care.  Familiar smart phone navigation makes Mobile+ intuitive for physicians and assists providers as they adjust to today’s challenging healthcare schedules.

Mobile+ Features Include:

iPhone (models 5 & higher), iPad and Android compatibility

Option for import of daily patient lists from EHR

Patient list display includes key demographic identifiers to verify

correct patient and auto-populate transcription system

Option to mark an urgent job as a STAT

Standard dictation functionality:

o Record, play back, insert, overwrite, fast forward and rewind

After tapping ‘Save Complete,’ Mobile+ is instantly ready for next recording

Mobile+ voice files are available for listening by other authorized users via the central server

Separate displays for ‘Sent’, ‘Incomplete’ and ‘Pending’ (in transit) jobs

Security With Mobile+

All Arrendale Mobile+ voice files are transmitted via connected web services with industry standard HTTPS encryption.  Additionally, voice files and patient data are triple DES encrypted when resident on the device; both user-initiated and forced log off actions include the removal of all patient data and voice files from the smart phone. Our system includes audit logs of all system activity including dictating, transcribing, listening, viewing and e-signing for HIPAA.  Arrendale meets password policy standards in the North America and Europe.  For more information on the convenience of smart phone dictation with the TA+ system, call 800.344.1323.

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