Arrendale developers have engineered and coded the TA+ clinical documentation platform for maximum flexibility to meet the unique needs of health systems, clinics and individual physician practices in today's Meaningful Use environment where the latest patient notes must be available immediately. Our US based technology team has extensive experience in healthcare programming and designs new products and enhancements with the latest proven, appropriate technologies. TA+ product modules utilize DOT.NET, web service and browser-based apps for deployment speed and simplicity. Responding to reduced hospital IT resources, our platform is simple to deploy and intuitive for users. We compliment our robust, creative workflow solutions with impeccable customer support including a fabulous up time hosting record and professional North Carolina based Support Center. Additionally, our subsidiary, A+Network Transcription, provides integrated transcription services to further assist customers without extra interface expense or complications.

Arrendale's TA+ platform provides:

  • Scalable, modular solutions for clinical documentation
  • Smart phone, tablet, PC, land line, handheld DVR and SpeechMike dictation
  • Voice to text via front-end or back-end speech rec and traditional transcription
  • EHR integration
  • Cloud hosting or premise deployments
  • Physician electronic signature
  • Online and print/fax delivery
  • Instant turnaround time reporting with exportable data
  • Searchable transcript repository
  • Detailed HIPAA logging of all associated events


Features Include:

  • HTTPS SSL for secure Internet access
  • HL7 compatibility with all major EHR, PACS, RIS, and PAS healthcare systems
  • Triple DES encryption and data 'at rest' encryption for Protected Health Information, compliance
  • Cloud hosted or on-premise deployments
  • Individual user profile permissions to authorize each type and level of access
  • Latest speech recognition technologies for physician satisfaction
  • Voice file book-marked with text file to accelerate transcript editing
  • Integrated word processor, abbreviation expander, character/line counter and spellcheckers bundled in a single application
  • 24 x 7 x 365 helpdesk with CRM incident-tracking software

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