Mobile+ Smart Phone Dictation

Mobile+ is the smart phone app of the TA+ clinical documentation platform, providing landline dictation functionality with the convenience to dictate on a device already in your pocket. Unlike DVRs, Mobile+ immediately delivers encrypted voice files to transcriptionists, accelerating turnaround times and improving the quality of patient care. The workflow efficiency of Mobile+ and intuitive smart phone navigation assist providers as they adjust to today’s challenging healthcare schedules.

Mobile+ Features Include:

  • Real-time patient lists: today’s, previous and future
  • Key patient identifiers to ensure accuracy and reduce risks
  • Single tap to prioritize an urgent dictation as a STAT job
  • Standard dictation functionality including record, play back, insert, overwrite, fast forward and rewind
  • Listening options for other authorized users before and after transcription
  • Displays of successful audio upload, incomplete jobs and in transit jobs
  • Security With Mobile+

  • All communication between Mobile+ and TA+ system is encrypted over HTTPS
  • TA+ HIPAA audit logs include Mobile+ events including recording and listening
  • Mobile+ meets password policy standards

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    Mobile+and other dictation choices with our

    platform. Mobile+ is part of the TA+ clinical

    workflow system providing physician

    efficiency, EHR integration, HIPAA audit

    logging, integrated transcriptionservices and

    front-end speech recognition modules.

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