Integration with Host Systems/EMRs

AAI’s Interface Team has extensive experience in the development of healthcare system interfaces including:

  • HL7 (Health Level Seven) Interfaces

  • Customized, Point to Point and Standard Interfaces

  • AS/400 Trigger Program Interfaces

HL7 INBOUND INTERFACES are generally used to:
1. Import patient demographic variables into TA+ transcription report headers and footers
2. Import order variables into transcription report headers and footers
3. Import transcribed reports from other systems into TA+ for document management

Below are common HL7 Inbound Interfaces completed by AAI:

Affinity by Quadramed,  Allscripts Enterprise (Touchworks), Allscripts Professional (Misys),  Cerner Millennium, CPSI, Dictaphone Power Scribe, DHT Copath, DR Systems PACS, Eclipsys, Epic, GE Centricity Practice Mgmt, GE ImageCast(formerly IDX), ICIS from DalCom, IDX LastWord, iSOFT Clinicom, Kurzweil, McKesson Paragon, McKesson Series, McKesson STAR, Meditech, Misys, NextGen, Nighthawk PACS, Philips Echo, Siemens Invision, Siemens MedSeries4, Siemens Soarian, SoftLab Pathology, Talk Technology/Agfa, Varian

HL7 OUTBOUND INTERFACES are typically used to supply transcribed reports to other healthcare systems such as PACS (Picture Archiving and Communications Systems), EHR (Electronic Health Record), physician web portals or bedside care products. Our HL7 team is experienced with all major interface engines and Mirth, the open source interface engine. Mirth is available for use with sites that do not own their own interface engine.

Below are popular HL7 Outbound Interfaces completed by AAI:

3M Health Data Repository, AGFA PACS, Allscripts Enterprise (Touchworks), Allscripts Professional, Amicas PACS, Axolotl, CDR Web, Cerner Millennium, ChartMaxx, CPSI, Eclipsys - Sunrise Clinical Mgr, EmpowER, Epic, First Net, Fuji PACS, GE Centricity PACS, GE Centricity Practice Mgmt, GE ImageCast (Formerly IDX), GE PACS IW, iDOC, Imnet, Lantis Radiation, Logician, McKesson Care Mgr, McKesson Horizon Patient Folder (HPF), McKesson PACS Horizon Medical Imaging (HMI), McKesson Paragon, McKesson Series, McKesson STAR, Meditech, NextGen, Patient Keeper PDA, Philips PACS, Pyxis Pharmacy, Siemens Data Repository, Siemens MedSeries4, Siemens Novius/Syngo, Siemens Soarian, SoftMed Chartscript, Solvera, Stentor PACS, Varian

Arrendale is a member of the Health Story Project (, an alliance of healthcare systems, IT vendors and health-related organizations to further the adoption of data standards for the movement of clinical information from traditionally-dictated narrative into electronic medical record (EMR) systems.

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