Arrendale’s technical team provides the Mirth open-source interface engine to enable data flow within a healthcare setting. Our Mirth engineering and management services supplement the TA+ clinical documentation workflow platform, while connecting any number of disparate systems within a healthcare facility.

About Mirth:

Mirth is the most successful and widely-used open-source middleware in US, Canadian and British healthcare, communicating bi-directional messages between various healthcare systems without the expense of a proprietary interface engine. Arrendale positions the Mirth engine middleware amongst various applications within a facility, as spokes are to a bicycle tire, facilitating the exchange of clinical and demographic data.  AAI Mirth services are the ideal solution for a community hospital or health system that has not invested in a proprietary interface engine.

AAI Mirth Benefits:

  • In an effort to help our customers avoid significant software expenditures, Arrendale provides Mirth complete with the engineering, customization and support to oversee data flow within the facility and its various applications.
  • As a channel-based system, data originates from the site’s host system and flows to ancillary systems, such as RIS, PACS, billing systems and EHRs. Data flow includes patient ADT data, transcripts, results and charges.
  • Healthcare’s communication standard, HL7, Health Level Seven, is the most common data protocol we encounter. Mirth’s flexibility allows data in other formats, such as .xml, .csv, .rtf and .pdf, to flow throughout the engine as well.
  • After initial design, testing and go live, our team provides constant monitoring to ensure that the data flow is smooth and continuous. Our team will fine-tune Mirth transactions to add more channels to the engine when new applications are added.

Mirth engineering assists the healthcare industry in meeting today’s interoperability goals, efficiently facilitating communication between disparate systems.

Cost Justification Facts

  • Avoidance of interface engine expense as Mirth is an open source product
  • Implementation of Arrendale’s monthly Mirth program eliminates the need for an interface specialist





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