PACS/RIS Integration

AAI offers dictation integration with major PACS systems and the Recorder+Pro PC-based dictation application in order to streamline the dictation process for radiologists, improve report turnaround time and advance patient care. Recorder+Pro uses a Philips SpeechMike and integrates with the PACS workstation to create an XML auto-transfer of patient and order data as each new image appears on the PACS monitor. XML technology delivers rapid response time between PACS and Recorder+Pro dictation. With our two-way integration, radiologist efficiencies include:

  • Each new study in PACS initiates Recorder+Pro and the automatic XML transfer of data
  • Radiologists eliminate manually dialing into a traditional dictation system
  • Radiologists eliminate verbal entry of patient data in response to system prompts
  • Radiologists eliminate bar code scanning or manual entry of order number
  • Patient and study data that is typically populated in Recorder+Pro includes:
    • Patient Name
    • Date of Birth
    • Work Type
    • Order (Accession) Number
    • Exam Date
    • Order Description
  • Radiologists control dictation using SpeechMike features for:
    • Rewind, Fast Forward, Pause, Stop, Play, Insert, Overwrite and Suspend
  • Recorder+Pro system links up to 10 additional orders for panel studies
  • Errors are substantially reduced due to automatic patient and order selection
  • Likelihood of duplicate dictations on the same image is reduced
  • TA+ Powered by SpeechMagic Speech Recognition (ASR) is an option with Recorder+Pro PACS integration in either a back-end or front-end mode
  • Two-way integration includes real-time notification to PACS that dictation is completed
  • Transcribed reports can be uploaded via HL7 to PACS or RIS repositories including:
  • Amicas, Agfa, Fuji, GE Centricity, McKesson HMI, Philips, Siemens and Stentor

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