The recent cyber attack on Nuance® by foreign ransomware thugs can be prevented. How can the United States government stand by and allow attacks on our networks from foreign countries, especially those hostile to the US? We have the technology to screen and disable IP addresses just as China and North Korea do (for different reasons of course). While I am a true American, when it comes to freedom of speech, global commerce and democratic principles, our US government must draw the line and stop nefarious hacking from US adversaries, both rogue individuals and countries.

Same goes for protecting US mission critical sectors including healthcare, manufacturing, infrastructure and commerce. The US Government has a responsibility to all of us individually and commercially to stop these attacks. Our government has the means to do it. We simply require sovereign countries to stop the attacks or we “block” all traffic to, from or via the culpable country.

What happened to Nuance is a tragedy. Lives have been put at risk as the healthcare industry has been severely impacted. Reputable companies like Nuance and Merck shouldn’t continue to be exploited when US technology experts know where these attacks come from and our government has the means to stop it!

Arrendale is eager to help Nuance impacted healthcare sites and Emdat MTSO operations. Our cloud services are hosted in a certified data center and can be up and running quickly. We provide all forms of dictation including toll-free, mobile device, digital recorder and SpeechMike for transcript creation with our word processor or straight into your EHR or other host systems. Arrendale’s technical team is available to repoint existing interfaces for ADT and transcript return without extra charges. Plus Arrendale’s Transcript Advantage Plus platform includes flexible online and hard copy transcript distribution, e-signature, multiple levels of QA and an integrated scoring module. You will be pleasantly surprised to compare fees.

As CEO of Arrendale Associate, Inc., a clinical workflow solutions provider in the US, UK, Ireland and India, I direct our team to continually improve our backup, recovery, networking, redundancy and security policies and procedures. It was due to growing concerns of vicious cyber risk that Arrendale revamped its data backup and de-centralization scheme to protect our systems against such attacks. We added cyber/ransomware/data loss insurance to our E&O insurance after it became available. Insurance of this type requires a thorough investigation into the applicant’s HIPAA policies, backup and recovery procedures, data hosting, networking schemes and employee training before one of the specialized insurance providers will underwrite. While this US Viet Nam era veteran celebrates our country’s birth on July 4th, our company is open for business, serving customers and looking to accommodate new ones. God Bless the USA.