Whichever Deployment your Facility Selects, We Always Include:

  • System Engineering and Sizing
  • Project Management and Training
  • Multiple Dictation Options – Landline Telephones,  Smart phones, Recorders, USB Mikes, Dictation Stations
  • Mobile+ Smartphone App for Dictation, Transcript View and Edit, Patient Search and eSign
  • Front-end and Back-end Highly Accurate Speech Recognition: Cloud or Premise based
  • Inbound Metadata Interfaces via HL7 or Automated Spreadsheet
  • Document Delivery via SFTP to PC or Network Folders
  • Outbound HL7 Interfaces to EHRs and Interface Engines
  • HIPAA Auditing of Every Access and Every Transaction
  • Menu of Reports for Turnaround Times and System Activity
  • US Help Desk, Available 24/7


Our Software as a Service (SaaS) remotely-hosted option is particularly suited to hospital and physician practice customers. With SaaS, a set monthly fee covers system usage, making budget calculations simple.  Arrendale’s cloud-based services  include hardware and software monitoring to lighten the load on your IT department.

Telephony long distance dictation expenses are included within the monthly fee so expensive T1 lines are eliminated. Our software workflow is appropriate for customers who transcribe directly into an EHR and for facilities that prefer the fully-featured word processing systems such as Arrendale’s. Our integrated speech recognition delivers turnaround time improvement along with greater productivity. The TA+ system includes modules for every hospital department including Health Information Management, Diagnostic Imaging with complete RIS/PACS integration, Pathology where we employ hands free tools for autopsy, gross sink and microscope, and Administration for turnaround time reporting, system configuration, HIPAA auditing and electronic signature. Arrendale suggests on-site or remote training based on the complexity of the project.

If your hospital is experiencing downtime with older dictation transcription systems, our SaaS cost effectiveness will surprise you. Often, our annual SaaS expense is less than your current annual support costs for an in-house dictation and transcription system… and you gain new technology, mobile apps and better than 99% uptime.

In the words of Mike Sindelar, Assistant Vice President Finance Fremont Health, “As a long term customer of Arrendale Associates, the hosted TA+ solution was a natural progression of what was already a great transcription solution. Not only was it a cost effective choice, but has proved to be extremely reliable for us as well.”


With Arrendale’s Application Service Provider (ASP) deployment option, there is no need to purchase, rack, maintain or monitor the servers required for typical dictation, transcription and speech recognition systems. Instead, Arrendale houses servers in a professional, secure data center and monitors server performance with automated tools, backed by manual daily audits. Each ASP customer is allocated their own database with a unique TA configuration.

With this ‘pay as you go’ model our fees are based on transparent invoicing of exact system usage from the TA accounting and reporting system.  The ASP operation simplifies system maintenance for your IT staff and eliminates hardware and infrastructure expenditures. Redundant hardware, multiple Internet providers and bunker-style protection in our premier data center gives peace of mind to customers. With ASP deployment, facilities and MTSOs enjoy updated technology without large upfront capital expenditure. Separate annual support fees are eliminated as maintenance costs are rolled into the software usage fee. For speech recognition, the ASP option is more cost effective, with a usage charge instead of upfront purchases for multiple dictator software licenses and additional servers.

Arrendale continues to deploy TA+ Systems on-site in the UK and Ireland. Typically Premise installs come with traditional software licensing and annual maintenance. If your healthcare system or BPO services company prefers hardware and software systems in your facility’s own data center, the premise-based model is right for you. Arrendale’s certified project managers take charge of the installation process and provide a detailed task list with timelines and needed resources keeping events on track for a successful, on-time Go-Live.

Our operations team approves your hardware purchase, remotely loads the software applications and trains your team on system configuration. In depth testing is conducted for all interfaces and TA+ system functionality. We prefer onsite training and customize each department as requested. Licensed software is constantly monitored by Arrendale’s proprietary automated diagnostic system which examines server conditions as well as software performance. If a problem is detected, automated alerts are generated to Arrendale’s 24x7x365 control center in North Carolina.

Our system and network engineers work with your ITC teams to prevent system downtime and correct errors to your TA+ System. With premise-based arrangements, individual dictators are licensed separately for front-end speech recognition. Annual support includes software upgrades and our US and international toll-free 24 by 7 helpdesk. TA+ premise-based software is “industrial grade” with no limits on systems usage and delivering excellent response times for large trusts. UK hospitals like UHDB, University Hospitals of Derby and Burton in Birmingham and Irish hospitals like St. Vincent’s University Hospital in Dublin rely on Premise TA+ deployments.


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Cost Savings: Do the Math!

  • No Exorbitant Annual Support Invoices
  • No Onsite Servers
  • Affordable Speech Recognition
  • Reduced Internal IT Staffing Needs
  • Minimal Startup and Interface Fees
  • Use the Dragon Licenses Already Owned

Better Notes and Lower Costs

TA+ Platform: Document Your Way.

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