Handheld Recorders and the TA+ Platform

Our PC-based digital voice recorder (DVR) application, DVR+, assists mobile physicians who prefer dictation with hand held units.  Docking the device at a PC after patient rounds sends voice files to the central TA+ dictation server.  Our system is compatible with most Philips, Olympus and Sony handheld models, new and old, to keep costs down for physician practices. Dictators appreciate the freedom of movement and lightweight units with convenient single-handed operation.

Since hand held units hold several hours of voice files, they are typically docked after the day’s last patient.  Common functionality includes rewind, forward, pause, stop and play with volume adjustment and folder selection.

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DVR Recorder Dictation

Benefits for Office Managers and Physicians

  • Transferring, aka docking, voice files from the DVR to PC is quick and easy
  • Multiple DVRs can be docked at the same PC
  • Screens display ‘download in process’ and ‘download complete’
  • DVR+ software converts and transfers the voice files from the PC to the TA+ server
  • When used together with Dragon and Speak-EZ+, DVR+ can send your voice files for conversion to text on your office desktop
  • DVR+ compresses the dictation files to reduce transmission time
  • The Arrendale Support Center is just a phone call away for cheerful assistance
  • DVR+ voice files are available for listening by other authorized users via the central server
  • Compatibility with land line telephone, smart phone and SpeechMike dictation within TA+ system
  • Encrypted digital recorder voice files reside with land line telephone, smart phone and PC voice files for future access

Security and Compliance with DVR+

  • Voice files are sent to the TA+ server via a connected web service using HTTPS, industry-standard encryption
  • This connectivity method eliminates a VPN requirement for faster start up
  • The TA+ platform provides audit logging of all events from the time of dictation: Dictating, docking, listening, transcribing, editing and esignature
  • An archive folder on the PC stores encrypted dictation files for 30 days

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