Arrendale platform products cover the clinical documentation continuum beginning with provider narrative of the patient story via Arrendale voice capture options. The transition from audio to text occurs via our speech recognition and word processing modules, Speak-EZ+, Transcribe+ and TransNet Solo. The quality assurance scoring app and multiple QA queues enable Arrendale customers to quantify and deliver the documentation accuracy that is so important for Meaningful Use. The Transcript Advantage+, TA+, platform’s capabilities continue with EHR delivery, on-line and hard copy distribution plus an intuitive electronic signature module. Our systems coordinate the data flow all the way through with HIPAA tracking of every access event, status updates and turnaround time analysis for HITECH.

Document Your Way

Transcript Advantage Plus

Flexibility with Arrendale software products includes:

  • Dictation: Mobile phones, land-lines, digital recorders and PC dictation
  • Text creation: Front-end speech recognition, back-end speech recognition, traditional transcription by in-house and at-home MT teams, A✚Network outsourcing and other MTSOs
  • Job Management: Individual user profile permissions, multiple QA queues, transcript accuracy grading based on customer-specific error codes and unlimited templates
  • Delivery: HL7 to EHRs and host systems, folder drop, configurable print/fax, all with tracking
  • Reporting: Over 60 standard reports and exportable data for custom analysis
TA+ Technology

System configurability accommodates all users within an organization:

  • Provider selection of dictation devices
  • Front-end, integrated speech recognition for all providers per facility mandate or by physician discretion
  • Transcription outsourcing options with automatic (by worktype or time of day) or manual allocation
  • Document delivery by worktype and by physician with ‘extra’ copies for consulting physicians, department heads or clinical trials, hard or soft copy
  • Internet e-signature supports inpatient/outpatient transcript sorting before signing and may allow or disallow blanks
TA+ Bundle

Cost Savings with Arrendale products:

  • Remote hosting eliminates annual support, eliminates server purchases and minimizes internal IT efforts
  • Mobile device access to transcripts improves documentation completion and accuracy for faster reimbursement
  • Complimentary interfaces from our skilled interface team match your other systems HL7 protocol
  • Front-end speech recognition reduces transcription expenses
  • Integrated A✚Network transcription outsourcing lowers the expense to staff weekends, holidays and 2nd shifts
Document Delivery

The Arrendale system is modular to compliment each site’s unique workflow with solutions for large enterprises, critical access hospitals and smaller physician offices. The cloud hosted TA+ platform delivers mobile and traditional dictation, speech recognition, workflow efficiency and complimentary HL7 interfaces to hospitals of all sizes. The TA+ Bundle is our cost effective solution for physician practice settings to take advantage of Dragon speech recognition efficiency, mobile dictation, Speak-EZ+ electronic signature and integrated transcription services. Call 800.344.1323 to discuss the flexibility, configurability and cost savings of Arrendale’s clinical documentation products.

Transcription solutions created especially for the healthcare industry.

TA+ Platform cloud hosting with zero startup expenses.