Vendor Neutral Architecture (VNA) is the term used to describe healthcare software applications that transmit and store Patient Health Information (PHI) in standardized formats, thus allowing authorized users from other systems to receive and access the patient metadata.

Interface restrictions and high interface expenses are no longer roadblocks in today’s emerging healthcare environment. VNA, FHIR, API’s, and other recent advancements in technology enable software and hardware designers to more easily share data.  Healthcare facilities are free to utilize a best of breed blend of software products without the HL7 or point to point interface hassles of the past.

This video explains how Arrendale uses Vendor Neutral Architecture to promote true interoperability, allowing us to interface with disparate EHR’s PACS, RIS and other HIE systems.

Arrendale’s Interoperability Expertise

Arrendale has over 25 years of experience creating interfaces, bridging the gap between disparate systems. As an experienced VNA company, Arrendale has:

  • Performed more than 25.2 Billion Cloud Transactions
  • Integrated over 1320 Organizations
  • Made more than 3470 HL7 and FHIR Connections
  • Received and sent more than 13.7 Billion HL7 and FHIR Messages
  • Communicated with over 93,400 Physicians and Clinicians
  • Connected more than 56,790 Medical & Clinical workers via the Cloud
  • Processed more than 564.3 Million Clinical Documents
  • Printed over 1.8 Million Clinical Reports
  • Provided Cloud portals for more than 3.9 Billion view of Clinical Documents

Arrendale has successfully interfaced with all the leading EHR’s in the industry, including:

  • Allscripts
  • Cerner
  • Epic
  • McKesson
  • Athena
  • eClinical Works
  • GE Centricity
  • and many more!
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Arrendale has an international presence, with satisfied customers across the US, the UK, Ireland and India. Arrendale provides custom interfaces for:

  • Health Networks
  • ACO’s and MCO’s
  • Business Process Organizations
  • Radiology Centers
  • Practice Management Groups
  • New Startups

Arrendale’s Workflow Platform

Arrendale’s TA+ is a secure, web-based clinical documentation platform accessible via the Internet. TA+ enables users to:

  • Create routing rules and controlled tasks to automate the flow of work within and between different healthcare systems and environments
  • View and listen, save or print dictations and transcriptions of patient notes
  • Manage a variety of different methods of dictation, transcription, speech recognition, and document distribution, guiding Medical Records Clerks and Administrators through the full creation and lifetime of clinical reports
  • View complete HIPAA-compliant Audit logs showing every single modification, viewing, download, or distribution of any report
  • Send completed notes into whatever EHR or other data repository may be in place
  • Generate a multitude of detailed reports such as Line Counts, Dictation Minutes, TAT Summaries, Specified Invoices and more!

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