Physician practices come in every size, shape and specialty; but all are affected by EHR documentation mandates and more patients per day.  Arrendale’s array of cloud-hosted clinical documentation solutions produces the efficiencies physician practices require while simultaneously providing each physician choices for documentation.  For starters, our dictation smart phone app, Arrendale Mobile, makes documentation convenient and faster for providers while eliminating the need for pricey digital voice recorders.  Or physicians may select Arrendale’s enhanced PC-based dictation, Speak-EZ, which turbo charges Dragon front-end speech recognition for greater functionality.  

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Physician Practices

Unlike stand-alone Dragon, our Speech Recognition allows physicians to:

Enter Normals via voice commands

Suspend a job for later completion

Route a job to a transcription team

ESign all in the same program session

Verify spelling with integrated medical and pharmaceutical spellcheckers

Automatically send transcript copies to providers from a dropdown list

Retain voice file for secure listening by other TA+ system users

Speak EZ Features

TA, our easy-to-search platform, stores all documents and voice files, whether created by front-end physician input, a compatible transcription service, or your own staff. Plus, we include HIPAA event tracking of dictating, listening, transcribing, editing, viewing, printing and HL7 activity for all voice files and transcripts. With over 20 years HL7 expertise sending transcripts to all the major EHR and host systems, our technical team supplies the interoperability that physician offices need today. Another popular option is to utilize our cloud-based dictation and have your own transcriptionists type straight into the EHR.

We’re just as proficient after dictation and transcription; our tech team handles transcript delivery via on-line folder drop, SFTP, print, auto fax and HL7, customizable by physician and by worktype. For physician practices yet to implement an EHR, Arrendale’s web-based TA platform serves as an electronic repository with HIPAA-tracked access to transcripts, cloud-based electronic signature and a knowledgeable, 24/7 US helpdesk. We frequently utilize simpler, automated patient demographic uploads gathered from scheduling systems to populate our smart phone app with each day’s patients. Call 800 344-1323 to learn how your practice can be more efficient with our smart phone app, hosted software and seamless transcription services.

Speech Recognition Options

Document Flexibilty- 2019

Transcription solutions created especially for the healthcare industry.

TA+ Platform Cloud hosting with zero startup expenses.