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A+Network Elite Quality

A+Network Transcription provides Elite US-created transcription services to large health systems, hospitals and clinics across the US and UK utilizing the Arrendale dictation platform. Industry wide, turnaround times are shorter today and A+Network reacts with transcripts on the charts within hours. Unlike other MTSOs, our platform gives providers the choice to document with traditional dictation-transcription or to use Dragon Medical for selected work, all inside a single platform. With an ingrained culture of accuracy, A+Network treats every voice file as if the patient was one of our own relatives. Our clients love the ease with which they either automatically or manually allocate work based on daily needs, plus the platform is available for any facility transcriptionists.

A+Network Personalized Service

  • Stat handling includes immediate acknowledgement of Stat receipt and customer notification of Stat completion
  • Stats are transcribed and quality checked in sixty minutes or less, 24/7/365
  • Our 3 phase Quality Assurance program produces verifiable 98% and higher results
  • A minimum of 4% of all transcripts are graded and scored to constantly improve quality
  • Rapid start up option: 10 days or less
  • Highly experienced team provides immediate customer service via group email support, messaging and telephone communication
  • Performance analysis reports are provided to each customer quarterly
  • On-line account specs detail your facility’s style, formatting and standards
  • There are no extra charges for 2nd and 3rd shifts, holidays and weekends

Real-time, Transparent Update of System Activity

Job Monitor Compliance

Technical Advantages

  • A real-time Job Monitor for a bird’s eye view of system activity with drill down functionality
  • Dictation options including smart phones, land lines, digital recorders and PC mikes
  • An optional blend of front-end speech recognition with integrated outsourcing for difficult jobs and hectic schedules
  • Invoice transparency with VBC or 65-character line counts direct from software
  • Menu of management reports for turnaround time and volumes with exportable data
  • HIPAA logging report for every voice file and transcript with all access events detailed
  • Automatic delivery of transcripts on-line to other systems and print/fax distribution
  • ANetwork in-house technical teams for platform support and HL7 assistance

Document Delivery

A+Network understands our vital contribution to your patients’ clinical care, overall documentation and prompt reimbursement. And we’ve earned a reputation for premier service at competitive rates. Our management would love to discuss the challenges your facility faces with clinical documentation. Call our toll-free number, 888.880.4359, to begin a conversation about improving your current process with our personalized blend of elite service and integrated speech recognition.

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