Arrendale Digital Dictation at Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS

By David Seaton, Royal Derby Hospital April 2017

Subject: Progress Towards Being a Fully Digital Trust by 2020

Integration of Systems

  • CSC Lorenzo as EPR
  • Arrendale as Dictation, Transcription, eSignature vendor
  • Delivery to CSC Lorenzo and Civica WinDIP

Key Benefits

  • Improved clinical information sharing within Trust and wider health community
  • Reduction in missing patient information
  • Multiple cost savings
  • Better patient care and better patient experience
  • Single location for comprehensive and searchable patient data

Voice Technology Integration Results in Smooth Workflow

By Sabrina Ballenger, Dekalb Medical Center and Philips Speech Processing Solutions

Integration of Systems and Services

  • Philips SpeechMikes for Radiology Dictation
  • Arrendale Hosted (Cloud) Dictation and Electronic Signature
  • GE Centricity RIS (Radiology Information System) and GE Centricity PACS
  • Peachtree Transcription Services

Key Radiologist Benefits

  • Integrated RIS/PACS, dictation and electronic signature
  • Durable, reliable dictation mikes
  • 90 minute or less Turnaround Times
  • Transcripts available to ER department and others

Partial Note Dictation within a Structured EHR Format

By Linda Williamson, Word Wise, LLC Updated March 2017

Subject: Success of Partial Note Dictation (Dictation Markers)

Customer Experiences

  • Large healthcare enterprise, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Healthcare, and Epic
  • Specialty physician practice, Alliance Urology Specialists, and Allscripts

Key Benefits

  • Improved provider satisfaction from documentation flexibility
  • Rich narrative detail supplements template-driven EHR documentation
  • Providers able to see more patients per day
  • Cost savings with reduced transcription staffing expense