Front-End Speech Recognition, Speak-EZ+

Speak-EZ+ is a physician-friendly PC application that adds functionality and efficiency to Nuance’s tried and true Dragon speech recognition software.  From single physician practices to multi-entity health systems, Speak-EZ+ fosters productivity with TA+ software tools beneficial to the documentation process.  Providers, while speaking in their natural voice patterns, relate the patient story and view editable text as it appears on screen.

Speak-EZ+ Improves the Dragon Documentation Experience:

  • Saves voice files in a searchable database for up to 60 days
  • Permits authorized listening to voice files from website or telephone
  • Saves transcript files in an searchable database for 12 months or longer
  • Includes optional e-signature software for immediate signing after text review
  • Allows dictators to place a voice file in an ‘incomplete’ status for later editing and completion
  • Displays patient and order meta data on screen from facility PACS and EHRs, to prevent errors
    • Typically patient name, date of birth, charge description, order description and exam date
  • Inserts pre-defined ‘Normals’ or frequently repeated text, such as ‘Dr. Smith’s chest’, automatically
  • Includes a ‘Submit to Transcription’ button for situations when dictators prefer to delegate transcription
  • Contains automated report delivery solutions including online, fax and print
  • Creates audit logs of all access for HIPAA

Speak-EZ+ Incorporates the Following Dragon Software Benefits:

  • Displays precise, real-time text from spoken audio
  • Includes voice  ‘Command and Control’ functionality for paragraph alignment, document type, formatting and section headings
  • Accurately recognizes terminology from all medical specialties
  • Accurately recognizes all accents, dialects and geographical language variations

For even more convenience, SpeakEZ+ works with Arrendale’s Mobile+ App and Dragon.  Benefits of Mobile+ integration:

  • Enables dictation ‘on the go’, replacing digital recorders
  • Delivers voice files to Dragon desktop
  • Converts voice to text in background unattended
  • Enables review, edit and sign at desktop
  • Greater productivity and cost savings

Call 800.344.1323 for more information on how to purchase Dragon and the Speak-EZ+ module of the TA+ clinical workflow system.  In healthcare’s HITECH environment Speak-EZ+ delivers more time for patient-physician interaction. Providers love the large screen area and configurable font size.  Select from cloud-hosted or premise deployments with compatibility for Dragon 360 Anywhere and Dragon Desktop.