• Great accuracy for scribes, editors and managers
• No change or training for Providers
• No extra screens for scribes or editors
• No local servers – cloud convenience
• A fully integrated part of the TA+ Software platform

Back-end Speech Recognition

Benefits for Providers

  • Faster return of completed notes

  • No change in dictation habits

  • Less time spent in the EHR

  • Less clicks/steps to complete a note

  • Speech rec + QA Editors = Accuracy

  • Provider’s choice: back-end, front-end, or traditional transcription

  • Multiple Dictation Methods:

    • Mobile+ smartphone app

    • Desktop dictation

    • Digital recorders

    • Landline telephones

    • Dictate stations

Reduce Payroll with

Backend Speech Recognition


Benefits for Transcription Managers and MTSOs

Lower Cost than Competitors

Includes All Specialties

Great Results with All Dialects

Preloading of Local Names

Speech Partnership: nVoq

• Cooperates with MTSOs instead of competing
• Produces great accuracy without provider voice training
• Utilizes latest technologies: Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning
• Generates payroll cost reduction of 25% or more
• Shares over 20 years of medical speech know-how

Benefits for Scribes

• A single login receives both back-end and straight type jobs
• Easy transition for first time speech recognition users
• Single screen for all editing, spellchecking, and formatting
• All the traditional tools while editing: Abbreviation expanders, Normals, and Spellcheckers

Relief for your hands and wrists

Improve TAT and save $$

Easy transition for first time users

Grading Software: Let us do the Math for QA

  • Automate the manual process of scoring each draft note

  • Provide automatic workflow to edit and/or score transcripts before Completion status

  • Prompt managers to set error types and numerical penalties

  • Notify graders to strikeout incorrect text, replace and classify errors

  • Compute the score automatically based on errors

  • Display corrections online for training and Improvement

  • Include reporting for each scribe

Arrendale Backend Speech

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