• No change or training for providers
• Great accuracy assists editors, managers and patients
• Decide with each job to use or to send to transcription
• Back-end speech, powered by nVoq, the latest technology
• A fully integrated part of the TA+ Software platform

Back-end Speech Recognition

Benefits for Providers

  • Faster return of completed notes

  • No change in dictation habits

  • Less time spent in the EHR

  • Less clicks/steps to complete a note

  • Speech rec + QA Editors = Accuracy

  • Configurations for back-end and front-end in the same system

  • Multiple Dictation Methods:

    • Mobile+ smartphone app

    • Desktop dictation

    • Digital recorders

    • Landline telephones

    • Dictate stations

Benefits for Transcription Managers and MTSOs

• Lengthy free trial period proves the value
• Lower cost than competitive products
• Technology understands all provider accents, nationalities and speech patterns
• Technology understands all medical and behavioral health specialties
• Easy provider setup and reporting within the TA+ Admin Console
• Cloud deployment relief for your IT staff
• Fully featured platform offers more after the note is complete:

Grading Software: Elevates Arrendale Above the Competition

Let Us Do the Math for QA Analysis

Our Software:

  • Automates the manual process of grading each draft note and MT edits

  • Provides multiple quality queues to edit and/or score transcripts before Completion status

  • Enables managers to set error codes and penalties

  • Allows graders to strikeout incorrect text, replace and classify errors

  • Computes the score automatically based on editing results

  • Displays corrections online for training and CQI

Benefits for Healthcare Documentation Specialists

• A single login receives both back-end jobs and straight type jobs
• Easy transition for first time speech recognition users
• Single screen for all editing, spellchecking, and formatting
• Editing of draft text using all the traditional tools
• Abbreviation expanders, Normals, and Templates
• Automated spellcheck with medical, pharmaceutical, and behavioral dictionary

Relief for your hands and wrists

Improve TAT and save $$

Easy transition for first time users

Reduce Payroll

Backend Speech Recognition

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