Save Time and Payroll with Arrendale Note Creation

  • Customer choice: back-end speech recognition, powered by nVoq, traditional transcription or hybrid front-end

    • Hybrid workflow enables front-end speech providers to automatically send jobs to editing staff

    • ‘Submit to QA’ button can be used with every job or as provider feels necessary

  • Scribes are configured to receive jobs into separate typing and editing queues using a single signon

  • Editing back-end speech jobs uses same process and queue as editing traditionally transcribed jobs

  • Built-in productivity tools include a med/pharm spellchecker, word expander and character/line counting software

    • Ancillary third party software expenses are eliminated

Medical Transcription Service Organizations

Speed Typing and Efficiency with Arrendale

  • Splitting and renumbering feature divides multiple jobs dictated under a single voice file

  • Reduced keystrokes avoid fatigue for scribes

  • Each user has their own “dictionary,” available from any PC

  • Both text and audio are bookmarked when editing

  • Supports up to 30,000 abbreviations per user

  • Note creation includes an integrated abbreviation expander, Text Replacement

  • Specialized toolbar depicts specific functions to increase productivity and reduce training

  • Total dictation length and time remaining are displayed on the media bar

  • Word lists from other expanders are easily imported

Efficiency for Managers with Arrendale

  • Speech recognition from nVoq is incredibly accurate

  • New users are up and running quickly without facility IT assistance

  • Scribes must specify a reason before returning an uncompleted job

  • Managers control how many jobs are sent to each user’s queue

  • Managers control Normals (facility wide, frequently used text) for consistency

    • Normals are selected from a drop-down list, unique for each site

    • Normals may exceed a single line and may contain fill-in jumps

    • Normals may be associated with a worktype or provider

  • Managers configure character or line counting, include or exclude header/footer

  • Cloning feature saves time when creating new templates

Finally, Automated Quality Assurance Tools

  • Scribes have system access to their version and the corrected final version of the note for education; faxing and printing are no longer necessary

  • System includes multiple quality review levels enabling editing by various teams before a note reaches ‘Complete’ status

  • The voice file accompanies the transcript during the QA process for efficiency

  • Supervisors determine the percentage of jobs to be QA’d for each scribe and for each site

  • Scribes can quickly insert an ‘Unknown Word’ flag at any point in the transcript to mark an area where they are unable to determine the provider’s words. Editors are then able to view each Unknown Word, voice and text, sequentially for clarification

Automated Scoring to Grade each Scribe

  • Grading can be completed in an Active (before Complete status) or Passive (after Complete status) mode

  • Facility configures their own set of errors with associated numerical deductions

  • Arrendale system does the calculations automatically

  • The TA+ Admin Console provides quality score reports with accuracy percentages; enabling healthcare sites and MTSOs to provide definitive outcomes to their customers

Easy-to-use Speech Recognition


Integrated Scoring

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Connectivity, Security and Installation

  • Our word processor is intuitive and feature-rich, and avoids version compatibility issues

  • Autosave feature saves work locally in an encrypted state when an Internet and/or power outage occurs

    • Completed work is automatically sent to Arrendale cloud server when connectivity is restored

  • Patient metadata, voice files and notes are encrypted throughout the application and removed from the device at logoff

  • No VPN needed for remote staff

  • Complex password requirements add to PHI protection

  • MSI file deployment enables rapid installation across the enterprise

  • System creates a chronological HIPAA audit log of all activity for each note from dictation through delivery