Dictation and Speech Recognition: Hand and Glove

Front-end at the desktop with provider draft instantly on screen. Includes workflow to editing team

Front-end on the mobile app with provider viewing draft instantly on smartphone

Back-end with scribe review and editing before provider views

Flexible, Feature Rich Dictation

  • All dictation methods compatible when scribes work directly in the EHR

  • Provider option to hear a job confirmation number

  • System will mimic your current dictation for convenience

  • Stat option to move a job to top of the queue

  • Admin console provides PDF of dictation instructions

  • Choice of prompt voices-yours or ours

  • User profile option to have listen privilege, but not dictate

  • Hands free dictation options for pathology

Value-Based Dictation for

Today’s Healthcare Professionals

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Dictation Cost Savings

  • No onsite servers

  • No T1 telephony lines

  • No capital expenditures

  • Reduced internal IT support

  • Reduced telephony costs

  • Pay-as-you-Go