Desktop Dictation Revolutionized

Arrendale’s Speak-EZ+ is the fully integrated PC dictation and optional front-end speech recognition module of our documentation platform. Speak-EZ+ increases productivity for all providers while enabling each dictator to utilize speech rec with every note they wish. Speak-EZ+s integration with Arrendale’s mobile dictation app, voice command shortcuts and note delivery options save time for providers and their staff. The integrated eSignature permits physicians of all specialties to document, edit and sign in a single session, leaving more time for patient/physician interaction. The latest version of Speak-EZ+ incorporates a secure patient-to-provider video conferencing option to handle follow-up visits more efficiently.

Document Flexibilty- 2019

Speak-EZ+ Turbocharges Dictation With:

  • General, medical and pharmaceutical spellcheckers for more accurate transcripts
  • Quick insertion of ‘Normals’ (previously defined text) via pull down list for frequent phrases
  • ‘Submit to QA’ button sends a job to QA for Reviewing and Editing the draft text: Interns, transcription teams or Arrendale Partner MTSOs
  • ‘Save Incomplete’ feature allows providers to suspend and then resume a job from an incomplete queue
  • Fully-featured electronic signature, ideal for those not signing in an EHR, available on PC and smart devices
  • Pull down list of physician names to quickly add copy recipients
  • Voice file storage for 45 days and 12 month transcript storage assists compliance officers and legal
  • Detailed audit logging of all voice and text file events for HIPAA

Efficiency Drivers for Providers

  • Display of patient metadata on dictation screen from host systems
  • Custom templates selected from pull down and may include section headings such as History or Care Plan
  • System recognizes over 60 formatting and punctuation voice commands for efficiency
  • Large text editing screen with user-selected font size
  • A Stat button marks highest priority jobs when submitting to others for completion
  • Optional display of imported order number info from PACS xml file integration
  • While dictating, provider decides the workflow for each job with an option to self edit or send to others
  • Providers may optionally dictate, edit and sign on the Arrendale Mobile+ app or at the Speak-EZ+ desktop
  • Typical formatting with bold, italics, underline, bullets and paragraph alignment options
Speak EZ Features

The Technology Benefits of Speak-EZ+

  • Straightforward installation with an MSI executable file
  • Cloud speech recognition saves time for customer IT staff and dictators
  • Centrally saved personal settings allow providers to roam workstations and locations
  • Provider may eSign each job as completed in Speak-EZ+ or sign within EHR, after HL7 upload
  • Incoming patient metadata via HL7 or automated spreadsheet from EHR, PACS or scheduling system
  • Hard copy transcript delivery with flexible printing and/or faxing automation
  • Speak-EZ+ is compatible with Dragon Desktop licenses: Medical Practice Edition 2 or Dragon Professional
  • Cloud-hosted server deployment but premise solutions are available
  • Centrally saved personal settings allow multiple providers at the same workstation
  • Compatibility with Philips SpeechMikes, USB microphones, Android and Apple smartphones and tablets
  • Speak-EZ+ setup is configured within the TA+ clinical documentation platform
  • Automatic online transcript delivery via HL7, secure FTP and secure PC download
  • All delivery is tracked for HIPAA with web reporting of Success, Failure, or Pending status

Voice to Text for Healthcare

Workflow Flexibility