PC Dictation Revolutionized

Arrendale’s Speak-EZ+ PC application enables providers to be more productive by turbocharging the functionality of Nuance’s Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 speech recognition software. On the go providers can even dictate into the Arrendale Mobile+ app and then view and edit the front-end text at their Speak-EZ+workstation. Providers embracing speech recognition, as well as providers not interested in this technology, find Speak-EZ+ to be a fast, efficient documentation method. Speak-EZ+’s integrated e-signature permits physicians of all specialties to document, edit and sign in a single session, leaving more time for patient/physician interaction.

Speak-EZ+ employs the same easy to remember ‘Command and Control’ spoken commands as Dragon so dictators quickly initiate each new encounter.

Speak EZ Features

Speak-EZ+ Turbocharged Functionality Includes

  • General, medical and pharmaceutical spellcheckers for more accurate transcripts when editing
  • Quick insertion of ‘Normals’ (previously defined text) via pull down list for frequent phrases
  • ‘Submit to QA’ button sends a job to facility team or A+Network Transcription for those times when providers do not desire to self-edit – A+Network provides 100% U.S transcription services
  • ‘Save Incomplete’ feature allows providers to suspend and then resume a job from an incomplete queue
  • Voice file storage for 45 days and 12 month transcript storage assists compliance officers
  • Quick selection of physician names from a pull down list for adding copy recipients
  • Fully-featured electronic signature, ideal for those not signing in an EHR
  • Detailed audit logging reports of all voice and text file events for HIPAA

Efficiency Drivers for Providers

  • Patient data panel displays five selected data fields, preloaded form host system or PACS – Typically: patient name, date of birth, charge description, order description and exam date
  • As current job is submitted, the interface immediately preloads patient and order data for next job
  • Job panel displays job number, worktype and includes Stat button to prioritize a job
  • Providers decide the workflow for each job as they dictate and edit, with an option to send any or all jobs for completion by others with the ‘Submit to QA’ button
  • Large text editing screen with user-selected font size
  • Voice ‘Command and Control’ functionality for formatting and punctuation
  • Typical formatting with bold, italics, underline, bullets and paragraph alignment options
  • Document type selection from pre-configured templates
  • Configurable section headings such as Date of Examination and History and Impression

The Technology Benefits of Speak-EZ+

  • Straightforward installation with an MSI executable file
  • Remotely-hosted server deployment but premise solutions are available
  • Centrally saved personal settings allow multiple providers at the same workstation
  • Centrally saved personal settings allow providers to roam workstations
  • Device compatibility with and Philips SpeechMikes, Nuance PowerMics and generic microphones
  • Provider may e-sign each job as completed in Speak-EZ+ or sign jobs within the EHR, after HL7 upload
  • System configurations for automatic transcript delivery online via HL7 and download plus hard copy print or fax
  • Speak-EZ+ setup is configured within the TA+ clinical documentation platform
  • HL7 support for incoming patient/order data and transcript delivery to EHR, RIS, PACS and PAS
  • Speak-EZ+ is compatible with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2, compatibility with MPE 1 coming

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