Arrendale’s inhouse engineering team provides its technical expertise to create HL7/FHIR inbound demographic interfaces, transferring patient data from your host system into our platform, TA+. Likewise, we include an outbound HL7/FHIR interface from our system, delivering completed transcripts to your EHR and any other systems requiring an EDI copy of the document. Not all HL7 communication messaging is interpreted the same by all vendors. To simplify the interface process, eliminate unnecessary costs and save time, we adjust our HL7 segment mapping to your EHR’s existing HL7 message formats, inbound and outbound.

HL7 Integration

Our integration experience includes electronic health record systems (EHRs), hospital information systems (HIS and PAS), physician practice management systems (PPMS), radiology information systems (RIS) and Contract Research Organizations (CRO). For our diagnostic imaging customers, we are proficient in the xml file transfer of order and patient data from PACS to our dictation/speech recognition application. Additionally the integration team has expertise in Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM). Our list of completed interfaces, inbound and outbound, includes major healthcare vendors such as Allscripts, Athena, Cerner, CPSI, eClinical Works, Epic, GE Centricity, iSoft, MEDHOST, Meditech, Merge, NextGen, Powerscribe, Philips, VRad and many others.

As a technology company, we know a multi-entity health system’s topology can be complex with several sources of inbound data along with multiple outbound transcript delivery repositories. Our engineers work with your team to specify the data flow and manage messaging of each segment, making sure that all sending and receiving channels are thoroughly tested and accomplished. We often utilize our own interface engine to facilitate the process.

Because all outbound transcript deliveries, (including HL7, FHIR, folder drop, print and fax) are logged in TA+, departmental users can verify delivery status within our platform. With just a few clicks in TA+ users can easily see if an interface is down and resend selected transcripts if needed. This is a great help to busy IT departments. Arrendale recommends and creates test environments when customers are upgrading or changing host systems to avoid sending test data into live environments. We thoroughly test all worktypes and scenarios to enable a smooth transition.

HL7 Expertise

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As an additional service our engineering team provides facility-wide HL7 interface expertise to smaller sites that do not keep a fulltime interface specialist on staff. With our interface management program, facilities achieve their interoperability goals so that disparate clinical, demographic and financial data is communicated without the payroll expense of a full time interface employee.

Occasionally an inbound demographics interface is not practical or is cost prohibitive due to your EHR vendor’s expense. Our demographic import tool, typically an automatic emailed spreadsheet, moves the data into our platform without HL7/FHIR. Flatfile Spreadsheets can be sent hourly, daily or in-between. Your physicians and staff will benefit from the accuracy of patient names, medical record numbers and patient account numbers resulting from this solution. Administration will appreciate that interfaces are included with our platform. Coders will be more productive resulting in faster reimbursement.

Call 800.344.1323 option 1 to discuss your interface requirements with an Arrendale account representative. Unlike many other platform companies, we include inbound and outbound interfaces with our software platform.

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