Save Time, Energy and Burnout with Arrendale Documentation Answers


  • One system: multiple methods

  • Speech recognition with roaming freedom, powered by nVoq

  • Cloud hosting convenience

  • Cost savings: pay-as-you-go

  • Provider and front office efficiency

  • Increased, faster reimbursement with more detailed notes

Physician Practices

Unlike Competitors, our Speech Recognition:

  • Includes a drop down to insert Normals, frequently used text

  • Routes jobs to an inhouse transcription team or MTSO when provider chooses not to edit

  • Suspends a job for later completion when interrupted

  • Proves itself with a 45 day trial period

  • Retains voice files for quality checks and audits

  • Provides an eSign button on the same screen: Once and Done

  • Automates delivery of note to related providers from a drop down physician list

  • $$ Includes more features for less $$

System Flexibility

Its Your Practice-You Decide How to Document

Dictation Choices

  • Smartphone App

  • Cloud Dictation

  • Desktop Dictation

  • Digital Recorders

  • Dictate Stations

  • Landline Telephones

Speech-to-Text Flavors

  • Provider Edits: Front-end

  • Others Edit: Front-end Plus

  • Provider Reviews: Back-end

Seamless Editing Options

  • Self-editing

  • Internal Transcription Teams

  • Interns and Residents

  • Arrendale MTSO Partners

Referring Physician Delivery

  • Automated Fax

  • Secure FTP

  • Automated PC Download

Document Flexibilty- 2019

Lighten the Load for Your IT Staff

  • Our HL7 experts use VNA, Vendor Neutral Architecture, to complete interfaces quickly

  • An implementation manager will direct the install

  • Knowledgeable US techs offer 24×7 support

  • Cloud Hosting at a certified data center HITRUST CSF

  • Automated spreadsheet metadata import if HL7 not practical

  • Flexible report delivery-online and print/fax

  • Exportable data in .csv format for your own analytics

  • Server monitoring with alerts for 99.9% uptime

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