TA+ Document Delivery

  • Secure, convenient note delivery automation

  • Rules-based system for each provider, worktype and department

  • Reduce clerical tasks-no more manual faxing

  • Delivery status included

  • Online options: HL7, SFTP and PC download

  • Hard copy with print or fax automation

Gain More Time

Reduce Phone Calls Looking for Notes

  • Audit logging for HIPAA of all activity: print, fax, HL7 delivery, d-download

    • Includes time, date, workstation ID, user ID and device ID

  • Delivery status updates including:

    • Submitted, Success, Failure

  • Automatic fax cover sheets with user defined text

  • Watermark options: Carbon Copy, Electronically Signed, Original, Preliminary

  • Delivery to attending, consulting, dictating, family, ordering, primary and referring providers

  • Search feature quickly finds the note you need

Delivery Your Way

  • Customize delivery to satisfy every department’s and every provider’s preference

  • Add unique rules for special circumstances: clinical trials and new providers

  • Schedule time of automated print and/or fax delivery

  • Uniquely name each delivery rule

  • Easy addition of copy recipients by provider and by scribe

HL7, Fax, Print, SFTP, PC Download

Robust Delivery Included

Automate Your Workflow

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