Big Tech Companies Cast

Large Shadow in Health Care

For the Record eNewsletter – April 2020

Speech recognition continues to evolve benefiting the spectrum of health systems to single practitioners. Historical market leaders face new competition from commercial giant Amazon and specialized healthcare focused speech-to-text companies. Health providers now must evaluate PHI concerns with these new faces in the industry.

Learn how customers benefit with faster response, cloud convenience and greater accuracy as artificial intelligence and neural network technologies contribute to speech products such as Arrendale’s speech solutions powered by nVoq. Can customers count on lower prices with increased competition and matured technology?

Arrendale Enhances Clinical Documentation

with nVoq Speech Recognition Relationship

Press Release

Charlotte, NC, October 9, 2019Arrendale Associates, Inc. (AAI) and nVoq Incorporated, (nVoq) announce their new partnership relationship.  Arrendale, a leader in clinical documentation software, expands provider efficiency and satisfaction by integrating nVoq’s speech recognition across AAI’s flagship platform, Transcript Advantage+, TA+.  With the AAI and nVoq collaboration, the improved solution incorporates both front-end, provider direct-entry and back-end, first corrected by others, workflow into a single easy-to-manage platform.

Self-Documentation Challenges

For the Record eNewsletter – September 2018

In today’s world of speech recognition, specialized EHRs and large health systems, it’s providers who are the de-facto transcriptionists. Learn how providers can become more efficient when creating their own documentation with the Speak-EZ+ PC app that integrates speech recognition with seamless editing by MTSOs or in-house teams and traditional dictation. Additionally, smart phone dictation (Arrendale Mobile+), with speech rec occurring in the background, saves providers’ time at the desktop…

Live Video Reshaping Patient Encounters

For The Record eNewsletter – July 2018

Improved video technologies, reduced costs and parity insurance payments are the driving forces leading to the increased use of video in healthcare. Real-time, secure telehealth video conferencing, as incorporated in the Speak-EZ+ Video-EZ offerings from Arrendale Associates, is now affordable and HIPAA compliant. Providers gain efficiency with fewer cancellations, patient satisfaction and better reimbursements when they add video conferencing to their practice. State parity laws are changing…

TeleHealth and Automated Notes within a Single Platform

2MI Software’s VPIntegrate provides seamless workflow for clinicians to conduct virtual visits and produce patient notes via dictation, Dragon, and human transcription.

Charlotte, NC, April 24, 2018 Adding telehealth to their feature-filled Patient Note generation application, Arrendale Associates has partnered with 2MI Software Solutions to include HIPAA Compliant video visits into the Speak-EZ+ software workflow.  Trends in legislation and reimbursement policies continue to accelerate the use and adoption of telehealth services.  2MI and Arrendale believe now is the perfect time to add telehealth options, especially for traveling…

Arrendale Mobile+ Smart Phone Efficiency Now Includes Edit, eSign and Speech Recognition

March 22, 2018

The latest version of Arrendale Associates’ Mobile+ smart phone dictation app now includes a clinician self-editing feature before electronic signature.  Arrendale’s clinical documentation suite, Transcript Advantage Plus (TA+), has included mobile dictation since 2015 for both Android and iPhone users.  In addition to traditional dictation, the application enables providers to view, edit and eSign notes or transcripts on the device of their choice:  iPhones, Android…

Arrendale Digital Dictation at Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS

By David Seaton, Royal Derby Hospital April 2017

Subject: Progress Towards Being a Fully Digital Trust by 2020

Integration of Systems

  • CSC Lorenzo as EPR
  • Arrendale as Dictation, Transcription, eSignature vendor
  • Delivery to CSC Lorenzo and Civica WinDIP

Key Benefits

  • Improved clinical information sharing within Trust and wider health community
  • Reduction in missing patient information
  • Multiple cost savings
  • Better patient care and better patient experience
  • Single location for comprehensive and searchable patient data

Voice Technology Integration Results in Smooth Workflow

By Sabrina Ballenger, Dekalb Medical Center and Philips Speech Processing Solutions

Integration of Systems and Services

  • Philips SpeechMikes for Radiology Dictation
  • Arrendale Hosted (Cloud) Dictation and Electronic Signature
  • GE Centricity RIS (Radiology Information System) and GE Centricity PACS
  • Peachtree Transcription Services

Key Radiologist Benefits

  • Integrated RIS/PACS, dictation and electronic signature
  • Durable, reliable dictation mikes
  • 90 minute or less Turnaround Times
  • Transcripts available to ER department and others