Vendor Neutral Architecture (VNA) is the term used to describe healthcare software applications that transmit and store Protected Health Information (PHI) in standardized formats, thus allowing authorized users from other systems to receive and access the patient metadata.

Interface restrictions and high interface expenses are no longer roadblocks in today’s emerging healthcare environment. VNA, FHIR, API’s, and other recent advancements in technology enable software and hardware designers to more easily share data.  Healthcare facilities are…

Arrendale’s Instant Mobile Notes is a secure time-saving documentation system for providers, counselors and social workers using our smartphone app and integrated speech recognition. Dictating into the smartphone app between appointments takes only a few minutes and saves hours of typing or handwriting at the end of the day. The integrated speech rec returns an accurate draft note in minutes, ready for editing and signature on your smartphone, tablet or Windows PC. Your notes are securely hosted in the cloud on a private website and available for online download by authorized users.

Arrendale’s Speak-EZ+ is the fully integrated PC dictation and optional front-end speech recognition module of our documentation platform. Speak-EZ+ increases productivity for all providers while enabling each dictator to utilize speech rec with every note they wish. Speak-EZ+s integration with Arrendale’s mobile dictation app, voice command shortcuts and note delivery options save time for providers and their staff. The integrated eSignature…

  • Mobile+ smartphone dictation replaces telephone and recorder dictation
  • Includes familiar recorder features of:
    • Record, playback, insert, overwrite, fast forward and rewind
  • Includes Save as Incomplete feature for use when interrupted
  • Includes slider button to mark a job as a STAT (urgent)
  • Is compatible with both Apple and Android smartphones and tablets
  • Is compatible with…