Flexible Documentation with Transcript Advantage

Perfect for Health Systems and MTSOs

  • Dictation via smartphone, desktop PC, and landline

  • Variable workflow by department and facility

  • Speech-to-text flexibility by user ID, powered by nVoq

  • Single platform with multiple options for text creation

  • Text creation and editing: In-house or partner MTSOs

Smartphone Dictation with Speech-to-text

Arrendale’s ‘Instant Mobile Notes’

  • Client notes completed 30% faster

  • Your text displayed on the smartphone app, instantly

  • Clinical and behavioral health vocabularies included

  • Document right away: review now or later

  • Perfect for traveling and deskbound behavioral health, primary care and social workers

Desktop Dictation with Front-End Speech

Arrendale’s Cloud-based ‘Speak-EZ’ PC app

  • Your speech … accurate text onscreen … in seconds

  • All medical specialties and behavioral health vocabularies

  • Workflow automation includes editing by self or others

  • Fewer clicks and better, faster notes

  • Favorite of radiologists, pathologists and surgery centers

Integration with Vendor Neutral Architecture

HL7 expertise – all major EHRs

  • We conform to your EHR’s message formats

  • Faster, less costly interface completion

  • Delivery reporting from our Admin Console

  • Interface engine software included

  • HL7 and newer FHIR standards

Back-end Speech Recognition Productivity

Seamless workflow to Scribes and QA

  • Speech accuracy for all ESL dictators

  • No extra screens for your scribes

  • Easy transition for first time users

  • Dramatic cost savings

  • No-obligation trial period

Workflow for Interoperable Healthcare

Fully Compliant Customization

  • Transmit pdf and txt files between systems

  • Import notes from ancillary departments

  • Export content to EHRs, RIS, PACS and HIEs

  • Indexed data repository

  • HIPAA tracking from start to finish

World Class Service

Customer Support Standards

  • Phone calls and emails answered quickly

  • 24 x 7 assistance from knowledgeable US-based techs

  • Automatic emails of ticket progress and closure

  • Training videos for providers and staff

  • We know and love our customers

Optimize Functionality. Minimize Costs

Spend Wisely, Not Excessively

  • No expensive servers

  • No escalating annual support fees

  • Competitive software costs

  • Reduced internal IT staffing

  • Pay-as-you-go monthly