The Arrendale Platform Enables Compliance

  • In addition to the security available from Windows networking, TA+ utilizes its own security architecture

  • System administrators create a customized profile for each user with each privilege and access type assigned individually

  • Users can be restricted to specific departments or specific facilities within multi-departmental and multi-entity health systems

  • TA’s Electronic Signature requires an additional authorization (PIN) per CMS guidelines

  • TA+ does not use email technology to route documents, all delivery (digital & hard copy) is accomplished within our secure network environment and tracked

  • Our data center is independently audited yearly and has earned the highest security certifications

Single click to print an Event History report listing each action and access event

Independently audited data center; maintains highest certifications, ISO 27001

Facilities may require user password updates on a configurable schedule

Mobile dictations are sent as encrypted voice files after each job; no open streaming

Our Audit Logging Includes:

  • Detailed transaction logs of all activities including dictating, listening, speech conversion, transcribing, editing, viewing, printing, faxing, downloading, and eSigning

  • All events associated with the provider’s voice file and with the resulting transcript

  • A sequential log with user ID, activity performed, workstation, time and date, relevant fax numbers and printer ID’s, and HL7 activity

  • Each job’s event history report can be printed or viewed by an authorized user

  • Transcription document versioning

    • Authorized TA+ users may view prior versions of a transcript with each version’s author (speech rec engine, transcriptionist, editor or provider) and time and date of changes

Audit History

Security Features for Desktop and Mobile App Users

  • While using personal computers, smartphones or tablets, the patient demographic information, transcripts and voice files are triple DES encrypted and password-protected on all devices

  • If a provider loses his smartphone or tablet, the user’s password can be immediately changed via the TA+ Admin Console

  • When a user logs off from the TA+ system, all transcripts, patient demographics and voice files are removed from the device

  • If a provider forgets to log off the Mobile+ smartphone app, the system will automatically log the user off from inactivity after a configurable amount of time

  • Each dictation is sent as an encrypted file from the Mobile+ app instead of openly streamed

Cloud Speech Recognition

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