What are the unique benefits of the TA✚ platform?

  • We include several speech recognition options within our platform to offer more workflow choices for each provider
  • We archive speech rec voice files in a central, secure repository with traditionally transcribed voice files
  • Our transcription platform includes an online grading module to score transcripts for improved transcript accuracy
  • TA+ includes keyword searching of notes for pharmaceuticals, and diagnoses and medical terminology useful for audits, clinical trials and physician reference
  • Our software enables assignment of work to a wide variety of MTSO partners for overflow, occasional or select shift transcription outsourcing

What if some of the providers in our practice want to use speech rec but other providers are not interested?

Our system, TA+, offers both methods. Dictators can swap between 1) front end speech rec workflow, 2) speech rec with editing by others, facility staff or an MTSO, or 3) traditional note creation by an MTSO all within the same platform. Our integrated system provides reporting of transcribed lines by providers if sites desire to invoice individual providers for transcription services.

How do Arrendale’s interface engine and HL7 consulting services ‘work’.

Arrendale has been providing interface engine software and services to healthcare systems and hospitals for over 20 years. We utilize VNA (vendor neutral architecture) to minimize cost and effort for the healthcare customer, the EHR vendor, and ourselves. In other words, our team modifies the interface messages to match the EHR system’s requirements. Our Support Center assists customers with day-to-day HL7 consulting and new interface design. For many sites it is more cost effective to outsource interface development and maintenance than to have an additional dedicated FTE to manage the incoming, outgoing, and internal HL7 traffic. Call 800.344.1323 for greater detail.

How does Arrendale software assist with HIPAA compliancy?

Arrendale Associates enables a comprehensive HIPAA strategy consisting of many individual parts. Highlights include:

  • Audit logs per job that list every event: dictation, speech rec, edit, e-Sign, view, print, SFTP, HL7 and PC download
  • Detailed, thorough HIPAA policies and procedures to document compliance for physical, electronic, technical and administrative safeguards
  • An inclusive Risk Assessment, updated periodically, as actions are taken to reduce identified risks
  • Enterprise-wide, consistently updated anti-virus software covering all servers and employee workstations at data center, onsite and remote
  • Encrypted voice files, text files and client metadata during creation, storage and transmission
  • Data hosting at a premier data center with external audits and certifications
  • Yearly HIPAA training and certification for all Arrendale employees and independent contractors.
  • Further information is available on the Privacy Policy link on this website.

What type of financial savings can new Arrendale customers expect?

  • Elimination of annual support for dictation/transcription software
  • Elimination of the server hardware purchases
  • Inclusion of standard HL7 inbound and outbound interface expenses in hosted pricing
  • Seamless transcription outsourcing with partner MTSOs to eliminate overtime and holiday pay for internal transcription teams
  • Front-end speech recognition integration without large startup costs
  • Less time documenting leaves more time to see more patients

What other advantages are there to becoming an Arrendale customer?

  • Our Support Center is totally US based for customer efficiency and convenience
  • Our training is remote or onsite. We do not tell customers to just “Read this pdf”
  • Arrendale software includes a secure provider to patient video conferencing option
  • Data from our system is easily searchable and exportable via csv files for unique customer analysis
  • Our system is always up, running and available. We notify customers in advance of downtime for Windows updates, etc.