What are the unique benefits of the TA✚ platform?

  • We include optional Dragon speech recognition integration within our platform to offer more workflow choices for each provider
  • We archive Dragon voice files in a central, secure repository with voice files from other dictation sources
  • TA+ features an online grading module to score transcripts for improved transcript accuracy, to evaluate your MTSO and educate your transcription staff
  • TA+ includes keyword searching of archived transcripts for pharmaceuticals, diagnoses and medical terminology for audits, clinical trials and physician reference

What if some of the doctors in our practice want to use Dragon and others want to use a transcription service?

Our system, TA+, offers both methods. Dictators can swap between Dragon editing and transcription service workflow, using whichever method they prefer. Using A+Network Transcription Services is seamless. Our integrated system provides reporting of transcribed lines by physician if sites desire to invoice individually for transcription services.

Where do the correctionists and transcriptionists for A+Network reside? Does A+Network offshore to India or the Philippines?

All of our correctionists and transcriptionists live in the US. For our British customers we have additional staff residing in the UK. We do not utilize transcriptionists, editors, support technicians or managers outside the US or UK.

What types of insurance should I require of my dictation/speech rec/transcription/hosting service provider?

The frequency of cyber attacks, pernicious viruses and deliberate ransom attacks in the Internet world of today necessitates more than just commercial general liability insurance. Professional and cyber liability insurance are needed in amounts relative to the overall business volume and other factors such as quantity of patients and what type of data is stored. Arrendale Associates and A+Network are fully covered for 1) general, 2) professional, 3) cyber, data loss and computer extortion insurance.

How does A+Network Transcription ensure that Stats will be done within the brief Stat turnaround time and what’s the Stat process?

While dictating, the provider may designate the job as a Stat when using land-lines, mobile devices, SpeechMikes and most digital recorders. If the dictator forgets, an authorized user such as an HIM supervisor or A+Network QA editor can easily modify the job to Stat priority. Stat jobs are highlighted in their own column on the TA+ Job Monitor so that editors, managers and customers are immediately aware that a new Stat has entered the system. The A+Network Stat policy requires editors to a) notify the facility that we’ve received and are completing the Stat, b) return the completed and proofed Stat under the turnaround time requirement ASAP and c) notify the customer via email that the Stat has been returned.

How do Arrendale’s interface engine and HL7 consulting services ‘work’.

Arrendale has been providing interface engine services to healthcare systems and hospitals for over 20 years. Our Support Center has extended hours in order to assist customers with day-to-day HL7 consulting and new interface design and implementation. For many sites it is more cost effective to outsource interface development and maintenance than to have an additional dedicated FTE to manage your incoming, outgoing and internal HL7 traffic. Ongoing services are generally provided on a monthly basis. Call for more info.

How do you ensure HIPAA compliancy?

Arrendale Associates and A+Network share a comprehensive HIPAA strategy consisting of many individual parts. Highlights include:

  • Yearly HIPAA training and certification for all Arrendale and A+Network employees and independent contractors
  • Designation of a HIPAA Privacy Officer for each company
  • Detailed, thorough HIPAA policies and procedures to document compliance for physical, electronic, technical and administrative safeguards
  • An inclusive Risk Assessment, updated periodically, as actions are taken to reduce identified risks
  • Enterprise-wide, consistently updated anti-virus software package covering all servers and employee workstations onsite and remote
  • Further information is available on the Privacy Policy link on this website.

What cost savings and efficiencies are provided by Arrendale and A+Network to rural hospitals and physician practices?

  • Elimination of annual support for dictation/transcription software
  • Elimination of the server hardware purchases
  • Inclusion of standard HL7 inbound and outbound interface expenses in hosted pricing
  • Cloud hosted customer data in a secure, highest-rated data center
  • Seamless transcription outsourcing to eliminate expensive weekend, holiday and second shift transcription staffing
  • Inclusion of optional front-end speech recognition integration without large startup costs
  • Provider access to transcripts and patients on their mobile device
  • Technology platform availability for existing facility transcriptionists

Does A+Network charge more for nights, weekends and holiday coverage?

No, our price is the same for transcription service outsourcing for typical business hours and for those times that are more difficult to staff such as second shift, third shift, holidays and weekends.

What is the advantage to becoming an Arrendale Customer?

All Arrendale customers are rewarded with promotional pricing and discounts on Arrendale software and Dragon software.

How is A+Network transcription quality maintained?

A+Network editors utilize the TA+ online grading system behind the scenes to ensure 98.5% and better quality assurance scores. Error deductions are created based on AHDI (www.ahdionline.org) and industry standards for minor, major and critical errors. When a QA Editor locates an error, she corrects the error and labels it from a dropdown box which triggers the automatic deduction to the transcript’s score. The system automatically calculates the “grade” the report receives. Our transcriptionists review the errors and scores of their graded reports in order to improve their quality. Quality reporting is provided to customers quarterly. Our editors grade 100% of new transcribers’ and new customers’ work. After the transition, we grade above the industry standard, 4 percent of all transcripts.