Mobile Dictation Functionality


  • Mobile+ smartphone dictation replaces telephone and recorder dictation
  • Includes familiar recorder features of:
    • Record, playback, insert, overwrite, fast forward and rewind
  • Includes Save as Incomplete feature for use when interrupted
  • Includes slider button to mark a job as a STAT (urgent)
  • Is compatible with both Apple and Android smartphones and tablets
  • Is compatible with virtual scribe workflow with scribe working in EHR while provider concentrates on patient
  • Saves voice files in a server database for 45 days, accessible by other authorized users
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After Dictation, Mobile+ Users

  • Review draft notes on their phone, tablet or PC
    • Created by speech recognition, Arrendale Partner MTSO’s or facility transcription teams
  • Edit draft notes on their phone, tablet or PC
  • eSign revised notes on their phone, tablet or PC
  • Send to editing team for correction when desired
  • Search for past patients
  • Search and review past notes
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Patient Metadata Options

Providers are even more efficient when the Mobile+ app receives patient metadata as they no longer need to dictate client names, account numbers or birthdates. Instead, Mobile+ home screen displays metadata and providers begin each note with a single click.

Metadata Import Options

  • HL7 import of metadata from EHR
  • Automated spreadsheet import of metadata from host system
  • Provider able to verify correct patient for improved note accuracy
  • Without an import, provider dictates metadata
  • Provider types metadata in the Mobile+ app
  • Call 800.344.1323 for more info

How Mobile+ Secures PHI, Protected Health Information

  • All data, including voice files, text, and patient metadata, is encrypted on the device
  • All data, including voice files, text, and patient metadata, is removed at logoff
  • Mobile+ closes the app completely if/when a user forgets to log off
  • Mobile+ requires a password and server authentication in order to function
  • Provder’s password can be changed from a PC or tablet if a smartphone is lost/stolen
  • Mobile+ lists all activity in a job event history log including:
    • Dictating, listening, editing, eSigning and viewing
  • All communication between Mobile+ and the server is encrypted over HTTPS and sent via web services
  • Each dictation is sent as a unique encrypted file rather than streamed
  • If dictation takes place outside a service area, jobs are sent automatically when user regains connectivity

Handheld Recorder Dictation

  • Arrendale integration includes the use of digital voice recorders, a favorite with many providers
  • Arrendale software encrypts and then sends the voice files via web services for IT simplicity
  • Our compatibility includes most new and old Philips, Olympus and Sony handheld models with dss files in standard play ‘SP’ format
  • Recorders hold several hours of voice files and are typically docked after the day’s last patient
  • Providers can share a digital recorder if the model includes multiple folders feature
  • Docking the recorder at a Windows PC after patient rounds sends voice files rapidly to the central TA+ dictation server for storage with voice files from other sources
  • Arrendale PC software notifies user Download in Process and then Download Complete
  • Dictators appreciate the convenient single-handed operation and mobility of lightweight recorders
  • Common functionality includes rewind, fast forward, pause, stop, and play with volume adjustment and folder selection
  • Multiple recorders of the same model number can be docked at the same PC using the same cradle