Behavioral Health Counselors and Facilities

Arrendale software improves note making efficiency and gives you more time for clients and family.  Our cloud hosted system automates documentation several ways: with speech recognition, abbreviation expanders, electronic signature, automatic delivery and an integrated transcription service option.  We include multiple workflow scenarios to please every provider.  Arrendale Instant Mobile Notes enables single practitioners and small counseling centers to narrate between appointments using the smart phone app, and review draft text minutes later on their phone, tablet or PC. Larger facilities benefit from the cloud-based Transcript Advantage platform that adds reporting and multi-location architecture. All Arrendale software includes HIPAA compliance, audit logging and staff productivity features to your current workflow.  New in 2018 is integrated provider-to-patient secure video conferencing.

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Versatile Note Creation

  • Arrendale Instant Mobile Notes enables self note creation with highly-accurate speech recognition using the mobile app. Review the draft text, edit and eSign in minutes.
  • If you don’t have the time to edit, allow an affiliated transcription company to seamlessly edit for you.
  • Additional options to dictate include toll-free landlines, handheld recorders and USB mikes.
  • We will integrate with your EHR or use our software platform as your secure, cloud-hosted transcript repository.
  • If you already own Dragon, call about our Dragon desktop integration and add electronic signature and a host of note delivery options to your Dragon workflow.
  • Using Speak-EZat your PC, initiate a therapist-to-patient video conference and document immediately thereafter for greater specificity and patient confidentiality.
  • Arrendale includes HIPAA tracking with all our platforms listing details of all dictating, listening, transcribing, editing and delivery events and platforms.

After Transcription

  • Optional electronic signature, with dual signature if both mid levels and psychiatrists need to sign.
  • Hard copy delivery automation: print to networked printers and fax to physician offices.
  • Online delivery automation: send transcripts via HL7 to your EHR, download transcripts to your PC, or configure secure FTP delivery.
  • The contents of all notes in the repository can be searched for symptoms and meds: ideal for clinical trials and audits.
  • Automate note delivery from group therapy sessions to the primary caregiver.
  • System access via individual user profiles limits viewing to a ‘Need to know’ basis.

Let Us Handle the Tech Areas, so You Can Focus on Your Clients

You’re a trained behavioral health professional, not an IT geek. Leave the hosting, backups, Windows upgrades, virus protection, and interfacing to Arrendale; a fully-insured clinical documentation company. Our US Support Center is open 24 by 7 to answer questions from therapists, office staff and administrators. Patient privacy and HIPAA is of utmost importance in behavioral health; Arrendale strengthens your compliance with encryption, password access requirements, user profile limitations and https (secure) web access. Our cell phone app works on web service file delivery, not streaming, for remarkable voice quality.

What is the Best Way to Document Encounters?

With Arrendale systems, you and each of your coworkers get to choose. The field of behavioral health includes a variety of therapists, counselors and clinicians; we deliver note creation methods to suit every style and preference. Notes may be self transcribed with great shortcut tools, or instantly created with amazing speech recognition.  Many sites prefer that an affiliated transcription service company professionally create accurate notes so that clinicians can see more patients and have more time for their own loved ones. All dictation methods allow providers to save a partial dictation for later completion, enabling clinicians to use small blocks of time productively.

Document Your Way

Efficiency Drivers

  • Transcript viewing and editing on smart phones, tablets, and Windows PCs.
  • Secure remote access to dictations via web and by telephone dictation system.
  • Option to import patient lists on smart phones.
  • Automation to send copies to primary care physicians online or hard copy.
  • Exportable statistical reporting and turnaround time summaries.
  • Clinician-to-Client video conferencing in the same PC application as your documentation.
  • Abbreviation expanders so that 2 keystrokes can insert a commonly used phrase or paragraph.
  • Medical, pharmaceutical and general English spellcheckers.
  • Searchable transcript repository by patient name, clinician, encounter date and worktype.
  • A single session to dictate, edit, sign, and upload using Speak-EZ+ software and Dragon.
  • Add the optional video conference feature and eliminate driving between locations.

Call 800-344-1323 option 2 to discuss your documentation goals. We would be pleased to customize a cost efficient documentation solution for your practice.