Arrendale Solutions

  • Improve note making efficiency

  • Give counselors more time for clients and family

  • Result in better, more detailed notes

  • Travel with you: narrate between appointments on the smartphone app and review draft text in minutes

  • Lighten the IT burden with cloud hosting

  • Solve client transportation issues with integrated Clinician-to-Client video conferencing

  • Improve profits by seeing more clients

Versatile Note Creation

  • Arrendale Instant Mobile Notes includes highly-accurate speech recognition, powered by nVoq, for traveling therapists and social workers

  • Dictated progress notes can be edited and eSigned in a single session-wherever you are

  • Additional dictation methods include toll-free landlines, desktop mikes and handheld recorders

  • Our software uploads to your EHR or serves as your secure, cloud-hosted note repository

  • Arrendale MTSO partners provide seamless editing services for those too busy to edit

  • HIPAA event tracking includes all dictating, listening, typing, editing, eSigning, and delivery events

  • If you already use Dragon, call about our Dragon desktop integration option

Even More Efficiency After the Note is Complete

Dual signature for both mid levels and psychiatrists

List of notes that contain your search term: Diagnosis, Meds or Symptoms

Automated printing and faxing with delivery status tracking

System access reporting for every note to protect your clients’ PHI

Let Us Handle the Tech Areas, so You Can Focus on Your Clients

  • Leave the backups, upgrades and virus protection to Arrendale, a fully-insured clinical documentation company

  • Appreciate 24 by 7 assistance and answers from our US Support Center

    • Ready to serve therapists, office staff and administrators

  • Delegate the interfaces to us: interoperability experts with VNA

  • Strengthen PHI protection with encryption, passwords, user profile limitations, audit logs and https (secure) web access

  • Secure mobile dictations with encrypted web service file delivery: no open streaming

Support Center

Efficiency: Here’s How

  • Note viewing and editing on smart phones, tablets and Windows PCs

  • Compatability with multipage MHA, Mental Health Assessment templates

  • Options to import client metadata from EHR to smart phone app

  • Automation to send copies to primary care providers, online or hard copy

  • Exportable statistical reporting and turnaround time summaries

  • Clinician-to-Client video conferencing telehealth within the same PC app

  • Medical, pharmaceutical and general English spellcheckers

  • Note repository, searchable by patient name, clinician, encounter date and worktype

  • Seamless transcription outsourcing to a trusted Arrendale MTSO partner

  • A single session to dictate, edit, sign and upload

Better and Faster Notes

More Time for Clients and Family

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