Cloud Speech Recognition that Works

Speech Recognition Flexibility:

Benefits for:


  • Simpler EHR documentation

  • Less stress with editing flexibility

  • More patient appointments

  • More time per patient


  • Less costly than other speech products

  • Save $$ on IT staffing

  • Shorter reimbursement period

  • Higher staff satisfaction

  • Newer technology


  • Improved patient experience

  • More focus from provider

  • More detailed notes

  • Reduced charting errors

Who Uses Arrendale Speech Solutions

Health Systems

Physician Practices

Radiology Centers

Therapy Offices

Why nVoq Technology?

  • Accuracy: Neural Networks, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Simplicity: Reduced IT needs with Cloud-based nVoq
  • Multi-Specialty: Full vocabularies for all medical specialties
  • Multi-Ethnicity: Full ESL support for providers of all nationalities
  • Availability: 99.99% System uptime – anytime, anywhere
  • Affordability: A fraction of the competitor’s cost
  • Provability: A 45 day trial period proves the value

Arrendale Cloud Speech Recognition

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When You Document Straight into the EHR: SayIt

  • nVoq’s SayIt is the easy, affordable answer, less costly than the competition
  • SayIt is the simple, convenient speech recognition solution
  • SayIt is 3-4 times faster than typing with quick return of recognized text
  • SayIt’s voice commands eliminate excess clicking
  • SayIt works with most PCs; powerful, brand new PCs are not required
  • SayIt roams with your providers: hospitals, clinics and home offices
  • SayIt consistently works, without constant calls to the IT department