Efficient Radiology Dictation

  • Simple, reliable cloud dictation system
  • Desktop Speak-EZ app is compatible with Philips SpeechMikes
  • Compatible with CPhone dictate stations
  • No wasted time dictating or bar-coding metadata
    • Patient metadata import from EHR, Ris, PACS
    • XML file transfer of order data from PACS
  • Voice file retention for 30 days including speech recognized dictations – no one else does this!
  • Central searchable repository of all voice files for authorized system users

Radiology Groups

Reduce Documentation Time

Integration with RIS, PACS and EHR imports patient and order data

Efficient Radiology Transcript Creation

  • Front-end, back-end or straight typing options
    • All three methods within the same platform
  • Speech recognition accuracy with diagnostic imaging vocabulary
  • Speech rec includes voice commands to automate keystrokes and macros
  • Unlimited custom templates, with or without logos
  • Single click dropdown to insert Normals
  • Radiologist option with each read to self-edit or send to intern/QA dept for proofing
  • Arrendale partner MTSOs available for seamless transcription or edit services

Keyword Search Feature

Search transcript repository for keywords

Useful for clinical trials, audits and research

Software returns a list of transcripts with highlighted text

Efficiency After Note Completion

  • Editing at Windows PC or on Arrendale Mobile+ smartphone/tablet app
  • User friendly eSignature option on Windows PC or Mobile+ app
    • Group Signing option
    • Dual eSignature feature for residents and preceptors
    • Single signature for multiple panel studies
  • Transcript delivery tracked within our software
    • HL7 upload to interface engine then on to PACS, RIS and EHR
    • Automated PC folder delivery
    • Web-based secure FTP option
    • Automated faxing to referring physicians
  • Management reports with exportable data
    • Dictation to eSign turnaround time
    • Radiologist activity: dictation minutes, transcribed lines, image type

Compatible with all PACS and RIS


Deployment, Workflow, and HIPAA

  • Cloud hosting convenience
    • No onsite servers
    • Seamless upgrades
    • Windows updates and virus protection by our team
    • Secure, accredited data center
    • Constant backups for 99.9% uptime
  • Workflow configured for each radiologist’s preference within clinic or hospital
  • User profile follows you to any workstation and to your smartphone and tablet
  • HIPAA audit logs of all events from dictation, speech rec, edit, eSign and delivery
  • Compatible with the Dragon desktop licenses that you already own or our cloud-based speech rec

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