Arrendale Associates Inc. will provide the healthcare industry with technology based, integrated system and service solutions for the efficient and effective creation, management, and storage of electronic documents. We will conduct our business relationships with clients in an ethical manner with high integrity and character. We will create value for our shareholders by providing above average returns on their investments.

Fast Facts

Cloud Services Since: 2007, company established in 1990
Single Focus: Healthcare
Locations Charlotte, NC
Knoxville, TN
Client Base: Health Systems
Hospitals and Trusts
Physician Practices
Behavioral Health
Rehab and Long Term Care Facilities
Contract Research Organizations
Client Locations: United States
United Kingdom
Products: Smart Device Dictation with View, Search and eSign via Mobile+

Dictation Systems

Transcription Software

Dragon® Front-End Speech Recognition

Dragon® Back-End Speech Recognition

Turbocharged Dragon with Speak-EZ+

Workflow and Document Management

Electronic Signature

Services: Transcription Services by ANetwork, LLC

Interface Engine Services

HL7 and Custom Integration Projects

Resellers: Formativ Health, Etransmedia division – US www.formativhealth.com
E-DEO – Europe www.e-deo.be
TA+ Source Code: 100% Owned by Arrendale Associates
Deployments: Hosted (Cloud):
Application Service Provider (ASP)
Software as a Service (SaaS)
License Purchase