Arrendale Technology

  • Clean, robust software solves complex documentation needs

  • Flexible dictation, interface interoperability and data mining save time

  • Integrated speech, powered by nVoq, includes both front-end and back-end workflow

  • Technology that supports your VDI, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, environments

  • Cloud hosting reduces your IT staffing burden and expense

  • Proven reliability and 30 year history prevent downtime and user frustration

  • System logging features promote compliance for HIPAA and HITRUST

Efficiency, Reliability, and Flexibility

  • Intuitive, user-friendly admin console, menus, reports and permissions

  • Lightweight MSI install without visiting each desktop

  • Mobile+ smartphone app with easy download from iOS and Google stores

  • Product development using .NET, web services and browser-based apps

  • On-line help and product videos for training simplification

  • HL7 interface experience and VNA architecture compatibility with all major EHRs, PACS, RIS and PAS systems

  • 24 x 7 x 365 US staffed helpdesk with CRM incident-tracking software

  • HTTPS SSL for secure Internet access

  • Triple DES encryption and data ‘at rest’ encryption for PHI compliance

  • Individual user profile permissions to authorize each type and level of access

  • File type compatibility for data output: PDF, TXT, and RTF

  • SFTP and PC download automation as additional report delivery options

Document Your Way

EHR Integration, Dictation, and PHI Solutions

  • Scalable, modular software for clinical documentation and cost savings

  • Smartphone, desktop, digital recorder and cloud landline dictation

  • Voice-to-text via front-end speech, back-end speech and traditional transcription all in one platform

  • Cloud hosting and premise deployments (when required)

  • EHR integration with dictation markers (aka partial dictation) and HL7

  • Speech recognition technology powered by nVoq

  • Efficiency with mobile access to transcripts, dictation and patients

  • Multiple HL7, on-line and print/fax delivery options

  • Instant analytical reporting with exportable data

  • A keyword searchable transcript repository

  • Detailed HIPAA logging of all associated events

Multi-faceted Solutions

A single platform for health systems of all sizes, types and specialties


of transcriptions: thousands of users and millions of transactions daily prove reliability


Customized workflow adapts to each specialty’s uniqueness


Mobile access plus Windows desktops to dictate, edit, view, & eSign wherever you are

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