The workflow architecture of Arrendale Associates has earned a solid global reputation and supports multiple millions of transactions daily. Our engineers create products for dictation, speech recognition, clinical documentation, interoperable data transfer, archiving and data mining uniquely suited for today’s healthcare HITECH and HIPAA requirements.  Our US engineers design and construct intuitive software using the latest proven programming languages and communication methods.

TA Your Way 2019

Arrendale Products Provide:

  • Scalable, modular solutions for clinical documentation
  • Smart phone, land line, digital recorder and PC mike dictation
  • Voice to text via front-end speech rec, backend speech rec and traditional transcription
  • Integrated Dragon speech recognition convenience
  • EHR integration with dictation markers (aka partial dictation) and HL7
  • Cloud hosting or premise deployments
  • Efficiency with mobile (phone and tablet) access to transcripts, dictation and patients
  • Multiple HL7, on-line and print/fax delivery options
  • Instant analytical reporting with exportable data
  • A keyword searchable transcript repository
  • Detailed HIPAA logging of all associated events

Document Your Way

Transcript Advantage Plus

Technical Features Include:

  • Intuitive layout and system flow for physicians and departmental support teams
  • Product development using DOT.NET, web service and browser-based apps
  • HTTPS SSL for secure Internet access
  • Triple DES encryption and data ‘at rest’ encryption for PHI compliance
  • File type compatibility for data, documents, audio, video, PDF output and images
  • Individual user profile permissions to authorize each type and level of access
  • HL7 interface compatibility with all major EHRs, PACS, RIS and PAS systems
  • 24 x 7 x 365 helpdesk with CRM incident-tracking software

Our product mix includes multifaceted solutions for diverse health systems with thousands of users and streamlined products for single physician office functionality. From the TA+ platform to the ‘Solo’ product lineup for single dictators and their office teams, customers receive flexible workflow and compliant-enabled technology with mobile access. Call 800.344.1323, option 2 to discuss your documentation challenges. We look forward to tailoring a documentation solution yielding greater efficiency, automation, compliance and cost savings.

Transcription solutions created especially for the healthcare industry.

TA+ Bundle cloud hosting with zero startup expenses.