Roadblock Removal!


  • Performs interface engineering labor with inhouse interface specialists

  • Utilizes VNA (Vendor Neutral Architecture) methodology to transmit between systems

  • Adjusts our message formats to your EHRs standards

  • Receives metadata or xml files of PHI into our workflow platform

  • Sends completed notes to EHRs and repositories

  • Flows transactions through Arrendale’s interface engine or yours

  • Rigorously tests to deliver a smooth GoLive

Administrative Advantages

Cost effective labor expense for HL7 interfaces

Faster delivery with inhouse experts

Thorough testing before every go-live

Easy spreadsheet metadata import to save $$

Completed Interfaces Include

EHR Logos

Arrendale VNA Integration Assistance

Interface Simplification

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As an experienced VNA provider, Arrendale has:

  • Performed interface creation and maintenance for over 25 years

  • Utilized HL7 and Point-to-Point interface techniques

  • Performed more than 25.2 billion cloud transactions

  • Integrated over 1,320 organizations

  • Designed and implemented more than 3,470 HL7 connections

  • Received, translated and sent more than 13.7 billion HL7 messages

  • Communicated with over 93,400 physicians and clinicians

  • Connected more than 56,790 medical and clinical workers via the cloud

  • Processed more than 564.3 million clinical documents

  • Printed over 1.8 million clinical notes

  • Provided cloud portals for more than 3.9 billion views of clinical documents

Arrendale VNA Integration Assistance

Interfaces Built for your Applications

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