Since 2008 hospital trusts and private hospitals in the UK have selected Arrendale’s modular digital dictation and clinical documentation software system to meet their workflow requirements. Arrendale’s TA+ product line features a variety of dictation options including:

  • Secure smartphone app, Apple & Android compatible
  • Mobile dictation via digital recorders such as Philips pocket memos
  • USB dictation via Philips SpeechMikes
  • Landline Telephone dictation

UK and Irish Hospitals

Derbyshire East Midlands, England

Derby Hospitals

Royal Derby Stats :

  • Opened April 2010
  • 1,159 beds
  • 1,470 TA+ system users
  • 625,000 patient visits per year
  • 7,700 employees
  • Arrendale customer since 2010
  • Since 2018 University Hospitals of Derby and Burton, NHS Foundation Trust

Arrendale TA+ Workflow and Products In Use:

  • Digital dictation
  • Speech recognition
  • Letter creation
  • Document delivery to WinDip
  • GP electronic signature
  • PDF files
  • Transcription services

“In 2009, we implemented the Arrendale Digital Dictation system which meant all audio files were now filed securely on a central server and efficiently transferred to the secretary for transcription.  Once transcribed the document is reviewed by a clinician, electronically signed and automatically sent to our eCasenote; if required, a copy is automatically sent to the GP practice and patient via Arrendale software. Speak-EZ is the latest product which we are working AAI to pilot for Voice Recognition. This is a single application that can be used for both front end and back end voice recognition and then eSigning on same screen.  Clinicians can see the text being created as they dictate into a template. This can then be eSigned, corrected or sent to the secretary for further information.”

David Seaton, Head of IT Services, Derby Burton NHS Trust, Derbyshire, UK.
Arrendale Customer since 2009

Voice Capture

Dragon Software Integration

Capturing dictation digitally is only the beginning. Additionally Arrendale supports and enhances Nuance’s Dragon speech recognition experience. Imagine you are away from your desk, making rounds and visiting patients. You create voice dictations from a smart phone or recorder throughout your rounds. Upon returning to your workstation and Arrendale’s Speak-EZ+ application, the day’s dictations are waiting as draft letters, having already been converted automatically by Dragon. You then review, edit and electronically sign in a single step, dramatically shortening the documentation cycle. With Speak-EZ+ GPs have the ability to “Bypass” the letter if more information is needed or to “Send to Transcription” for traditional typing by a medical secretary for those difficult cases or tight schedules. Because all Nuance Dragon functionality is performed in Speak-EZ+ , the voice file is captured and made available for listening or for later review.

Mobile+ On The Go Dictation

Speak-EZ+ works with Dragon Desktop and Mobile+

Benefits of Mobile+ integration:

  • Replaces costly digital recorders
  • Enables dictation “on the go”
  • Delivers voice files to Dragon desktop
  • Converts voice to text in “background” unattended

Departmental Flexibility

Trusts using the Transcript Advantage (TA+) software platform maintain departmental autonomy with regard to letter appearance and delivery options while enjoying a searchable repository of all letters. Departments can be configured with a one-to-one relationship between physician and secretary or with specified typing teams for each specialty. GPs may sign their letters on smart phones or tablets, using Arrendale Mobile+ from the Apple or Google Play store, or on their PCs to increase efficiency and improve turnaround time.

UK Workflow

Benefits for all Users


  • Typing with integrated medical spellchecker and abbreviation expander
  • Voice file clarity from digital dictation
  • Automatic printing to departments and referring GPs
  • Status updates for each voice file


  • Automation of letter delivery to central GP repositories, WinDip and DocMan
  • Cost savings with integrated Dragon front-end speech recognition
  • Turnaround time reporting from voice file creation to electronic signature


  • Smartphone, digital recorder, SpeechMike and traditional telephone dictation
  • Remote letter viewing and electronic signature
  • Keyword search engine feature for diagnoses, medications and symptoms
  • Searchable letter repository

Our US staffed Support Center answers questions on your schedule via toll-free calling and email 24/7. We look forward to providing more details on how ‘across the pond’ hospitals and trusts can maximize the benefits of their technology budgets with TA digital dictation software.  Call 0-800-046-5661 toll-free to speak with an Arrendale sales team member. 

“The installation of TA+ has been hugely beneficial at The County Hospital, enabling a faster turnaround time in the typing time and the secretaries much prefer this system to analogue typing.  The clinicians have found it of great benefit to be able to view patient letters or listen to those dictated but not yet typed.  The support from Arrendale has been marvelous and the Support Team are always friendly and polite and respond quickly to problem calls.  It is great to know that they are on standby to help with any problems”
Fiona Cameron, Digital Dictation Manager, Wye Valley NHS Trust,
Herefordshire, United Kingdom, Customer since 2010