Electronic Signature with TA+

  • Intuitive browser-based app for desktops, smartphones and tablets

  • Easy deployment with training videos, Quick Start Guide and online help

  • Same screen signing with front-end speech-to-text, Speak-EZ Desktop Dictation

  • Quick provider editing on desktops, smartphones and tablets

  • Perfect for physicians, clinicians, therapists and social workers

  • Meets all regulatory requirements for HIPAA, CMS, and JCAHO

Edit and Sign on your Android or Apple phone, tablet, or Windows PC

Provider Friendly and Feature-Rich Convenience

Special Handling for Preliminary Notes and Addendum Processing

Dual eSign for Preceptors and Residents, Interns, or Midlevels

Provider-Friendly Features

  • Automatic sequencing of next note to be signed

  • Updated display of remaining job count

  • Ability to partially edit a note and save for further review before signing

  • Manual eSign workflow for staff to eSign when provider prefers a hard copy

  • Quick retrieval of previous patient notes for reference

  • Ability to send a job to the editing team with text of needed changes

  • Ability to sort notes by status such as Inpatients before Outpatients

  • Customizable eSignature statement with name and an image

  • Voice file access from the signing screen instead of calling into the dictation system

Arrendale Includes More Functionality

TA+ Electronic Signature
  • Optional requirement to force providers to fill in blanks before signing

  • Dual eSignature with preceptor and resident signing

  • Addendum creation and linking, after signature

  • Group signing when practices allow providers to sign for each other

  • ‘Preliminary’ watermark when system configured to send unsigned jobs

  • Full reporting of signing activity and dictation to eSign turnaround time

  • Display of signing provider’s name when the signing provider is not the dictating provider

Security Features

  • Full audit trail of authors, editors, dates and times

  • For compliance, an additional PIN is required

  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption protects all signing activity from any location

  • Storage of all prior versions before final signed version

    • ‘View Versions’ button displays prior versions to authorized users