For maximum speech recognition efficiency, The TA+ platform supports Dragon, either the cloud-based (Medical Edition 1) or the desktop (Medical Edition 2) version for back-end conversion and editing.  Arrendale even sells and supports Dragon ME 2 for desktop users to help you get started. 

Dictate on your Digital Devices with Speech Recognition

Together, our system provides enhanced Dragon functionality and gives the speaker choices for dictation including smart phones (Mobile+), PC mikes (Speak-EZ+ ) and digital recorders (DVR+).

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Back-end Speech Recognition

Our mobility options allow dictation in the hallways, from home and when traveling between facility locations. And for more efficiency, our system allows you to instruct Dragon to insert Normals as you dictate. Now you can harness the power of Dragon back-end, converting the patient’s story to text while you are away from your office.

For years, Dragon Medical Edition 2 has been the choice for physician dictation with front-end speech recognition editing at the desktop. And today, with the addition of Arrendale products, you can create patient notes on the go as you work your day’s schedule, utilizing Dragon back-end speech rec cost savings with our solutions. Arrendale’s Speak-EZ+ software, in conjunction with Dragon, captures the dictation, whether from iPhones, Android devices or digital recorders, then delivers the voice and text files to your desktop while you are still out and about.

Logging into Speak-EZ+ before you begin patient rounds starts the process. When returning to your desk later in the day, the converted notes will be waiting inside Speak-EZ+ for your speedy review.

Arrendale’s Speak-EZ+ module manages the Dragon back-end process and presents the converted text in an easy-to-use text editor.

Typical Dragon commands continue to function such as adding punctuation, ‘Scratch that’ and ‘New Paragraph’.

Unlike Dragon, Speak-EZ+ archives the voice files, includes courtesy copy functionality and allows you to stop editing mid-file and return later to the same position.

We’ve included general, medical and pharmaceutical spell checkers for accuracy and convenience within Speak-EZ+ .

Editing by Others

Knowing that some dictations are complicated and costly for you to edit, Speak-EZ+ allows you to assign those dictations to your transcription service or secretary for their editing. By depressing the “Submit to QA” button, your dictation can be edited by others and returned to Speak-EZ+ for your final review. Signature will then take place in Speak-EZ+ or within your EHR, per facility arrangements. Dragon does not provide an e-Sign function, but Speak-EZ+ does.
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Either Back-end or Front-end Speech Recognition: You Decide

To satisfy all types of providers, Speak-EZ+ has been designed to provide both front-end and back-end speech recognition modes in the same application. This feature brings harmony to physician practices where some dictators prefer to consistently edit themselves, other providers want the freedom to utilize occasional transcription service editing and a third group of physicians want all of their work delivered to a transcription service before edited notes arrive at their desktop. Speak-EZ+ enables each provider to document as he or she prefers. Administration reaps rewards with faster reimbursement, a happier physician team and more detailed documentation than today’s EHR drop down and point–n-click systems.

As a Speak-EZ+ dictator, you have the option to dictate new notes at your PC using Dragon and a hand-held mike, such as a Philips SpeechMike, in a front-end speech rec mode.

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Document Flexibilty- 2019

If you already own Dragon, our Turbocharged Bundle will improve your Dragon productivity with the flexibility to dictate whenever and wherever you need.