Arrendale Software Provides

Interoperable clinical documentation solutions for:

  • Staff Efficiency
  • Cost Savings
  • Better Patient Outcomes

Since 2007, our cloud-hosted deployments have delivered unbeatable uptime, the latest software features and financial savings. Today, Arrendale serves:

  • Multi-entity healthcare systems
  • Community and critical access hospitals
  • British trusts and Irish teaching hospitals

Health Systems and Hospitals

Document Your Way

TA Your Way 2019

Arrendale’s TA platform drives efficiency with:

  • Flexible workflow enabling each provider to document in his or her preferred method
  • Smartphone dictation app with transcript viewing, editing and eSigning
  • VNA (Vendor Neutral Architecture) to simplify interfaces as we match our messages to your EHR’s format
  • Integrated transcription services, total or overflow, with Arrendale Partner MTSOs
  • Dragon desktop integration for sites that already own Dragon licenses
  • Single platform with multiple dictation options and central voice file storage of all voice files, including front-end speech rec
  • Seamless speech recognition integration, both front-end and back-end modes within the same platform
  • An online accuracing scoring app to grade transcripts, straight typed or converted via speech rec, for quality audits
  • An editor queue to hold transcripts needing attention before EHR upload

Speech Recognition Options

Document Flexibilty- 2019

Our intuitive software enables customers to:

  • Dictate on Arrendale’s Mobile+ app, toll-free land lines, digital recorders and USB mikes
  • Quickly search and retrieve needed voice files and transcripts
  • Produce a HIPAA event log of all access activities for each voice file and its transcript
  • Centrally store all transcripts and voice files, including front-end created transcripts
  • Customize each department’s workflow for specific needs
  • Create patient transcripts with back-end speech, front-end speech, straight typing and mixed environments
  • Run turnaround time statistics for Meaningful Use and HITECH inquiries
  • Conduct a keyword search of all transcripts for medications, diagnoses and symptoms for audits, research and clinical trials
  • Analyze dictation/transcription activity with over 60 standard reports and exportable data
  • Automate delivery via HL7, SFTP, PC Download, Print and Fax per configurable rules-based system

Cost Savings:  Do the Math!

  • SaaS, Software as a Service, for financial savings and accounting convenience
  • Great pricing on integrated speech recognition – front-end, back-end or both
  • Unlimited remote training by professional staff
  • No server hardware to purchase
  • No annual support invoices
  • Cloud-based deployment reduces hospital IT staffing needs
  • Arrendale maintains the servers and Windows updates

Integrated Transcription Outsourcing

  • Total, scheduled or pure overflow outsourcing
  • No interfaces – seamless, secure delivery of voice to MTSO and return of transcripts
  • Reporting of MTSO’s performance, line counts and turnaround times
  • Rules-based allocation to MTSO based on time of day, day of week, worktypes and providers
  • Straight typing or speech rec editing
  • No more overtime or hiring for weekends, nights and holidays!

Better Notes and Lower Costs

TA+ Platform: Document Your Way.

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