For the last twenty-six years hospitals using Arrendale software solutions have gained efficiency with their clinical documentation workflow. We’ve provided cloud hosted deployments since 2007 with unbeatable uptime, the latest software features and substantial cost savings. Today, Arrendale serves a wide variety of hospital customers including:

  • Multi-entity healthcare systems
  • Community hospitals
  • Critical Access hospitals
  • British trusts
  • Irish teaching hospitals

Health Systems and Hospitals

Document Your Way

Transcript Advantage Plus

Arrendale’s TA platform drives efficiency with:

  • Smart phone dictation with transcript viewing
  • Speech recognition benefits including integrated Dragon available for individual dictators
  • An integrated scoring app to grade transcripts for quality audits
  • A real-time Job Monitor of current activity by status:  Dictate, Creation or QA
  • Workflow automation with an editor queue to stop transcripts with blanks before EHR upload
  • Bookmarking of both text and audio for speedier correction when editing
  • Cloud-based deployment for IT payroll savings, hardware cost savings, convenience and easier upgrades
TA+ Technology

Our intuitive software enables customers to:

  • Create patient transcripts traditionally and with speech recognition
  • Produce a HIPAA event log of all access activities for each voice file/transcript
  • Run turnaround time statistics for Meaningful Use and HITECH inquiries
  • Reduce the burden on Information Systems with cloud hosting
  • Quickly search and retrieve a needed voice file or transcript
  • Contain costs with fixed monthly expenses
  • Create patient transcripts with speech recognition or without
  • Conduct a keyword search (medication, diagnosis) within all stored transcripts
  • Centrally store all transcripts and voice files, including front-end created transcripts
  • Analyze dictation/transcription activity with over 60 standard reports and exportable data

But that is just the beginning. Additionally, our seamless, completely US generated transcription services from A+Network, LLC keep turnaround times in compliance. We supply optional, integrated transcription services for those facilities desiring help for weekends, nights or high volume periods. With just a few clicks in our platform, managers can outsource selected jobs or ‘turn on’ automatic outsourcing for select time periods. No more staffing weekends and holidays!

We adapt the scalable TA+ platform to the specific workflow of your organization, enabling you to maximize your staff and minimize costs. Call 800.344.1323 to learn how our software and services will improve your clinical workflow documentation, assist with administrative reporting and improve your turnaround times.

Transcription solutions created especially for the healthcare industry.

TA+ Platform cloud hosting with zero startup expenses.