Arrendale’s cloud-hosted dictation system is the perfect solution for physician practices, hospitals and specialty clinics to replace outdated, onsite dictation servers with feature-rich technology. Providers may dictate from any device with all voice files safely stored and easily accessible by authorized users. Arrendale cloud dictation supports smartphones, landlines, USB mikes, digital recorders and dictate stations with HIPAA tracking, dependability and cost savings. Our call-in remote dictation system provides all the standard dictation features, customized to your specifications. Arrendale cloud dictation is available as a backup system in the event that severe weather, hacking or mundane utility malfunctions cause downtime for your primary system.

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Dictator Benefits Include:

  • Ability to mark a job a Stat for escalation to top of queue
  • System reliability with complete redundancy and constant backups: no lost dictations
  • Option to temporarily save a job in an incomplete status and complete later
  • Configurable prompts may be specific to different departments or dictator groups
  • Option for job number confirmation after each dictation
  • Listen access for authorized users before and after transcription
  • System prompts with professional male or female voice or facility-provided voice
  • Optional Integrated front-end speech recognition using desktop dictation, Speak-EZ, or our smartphone app

Benefits for Managers Include:

  • Ability to monitor system activity from any remote PC with Internet access 
  • Job dashboard summary of current activity, updated every five minutes
  • Comprehensive reporting module of dictation activity by physician, by day of week, by hour and by worktype; canned reports plus exportable data
  • Compatible word processing module or transcription direct into EHRs and RIS
  • Dictation consoles and hard-wired telephones are eliminated, replaced with web access
  • Elimination of expensive T1 telephone lines and dictation system annual support
  • Manager control of workflow to transcriptionists and/or editors by volume, dictator and worktype
  • Online Help provides a printable PDF of dictation instructions for training new users
  • Option for integrated transcription and editing services with Arrendale Partner MTSOs
  • Arrendale’s backup dictation offering includes a constantly ‘On’ system with a unique toll-free number and emulation of your main system’s dictation prompts

Cost Savings

Single, easy-to-budget monthly fee

No annual support fees

No server hardware, dictation consoles or hard wired phone costs

No start up fees

No more expensive T1 telephone lines

Compatible with digital or analog circuits


HIPAA, HITECH and Technology

  • Single click to display each job’s history details with user ID, date, time and type of access or activity
  • Premise solutions with servers located at customer site are also available
  • Automatic addition of dictation date and time to transcripts when using integrated transcription module
  • Turnaround time reports to comply with Meaningful Use directives when transcribing into EHRs and when using Arrendale speech rec and transcription systems
  • Management reports specify worktypes, dictators and departments with exportable data
  • Triple DES encryption of all voice files for security
  • Voice files from Arrendale Mobile+ smartphone app, USB mike desktop dictation and digital recorder travel to an Arrendale server via web services so that no VPN or mapped drives are required
  • Arrendale stores front-end speech rec voice files for 45 days, unlike most competitors

Dictate Your Way

Arrendale Healthcare Solutions

Box-TA+ 3D

Handheld Recorder Dictation

  • Arrendale integration includes the use of digital voice recorders, a favorite with many providers
  • Arrendale software encrypts and then sends the voice files via web services for IT simplicity
  • Our compatibility includes most new and old Philips, Olympus and Sony handheld models with dss files in standard play ‘SP’ format
  • Recorders hold several hours of voice files and are typically docked after the day’s last patient
  • Providers can share a digital recorder if the model includes multiple folders feature
  • Docking the recorder at a Windows PC after patient rounds sends voice files rapidly to the central TA+ dictation server for storage with voice files from other sources
  • Arrendale PC software notifies user Download in Process and then Download Complete
  • Dictators appreciate the convenient single-handed operation and mobility of lightweight recorders
  • Common functionality includes rewind, fast forward, pause, stop, and play with volume adjustment and folder selection
  • Multiple recorders of the same model number can be docked at the same PC using the same cradle