The TA platform enables compliance:

  • In addition to the security available from Windows networking, TA utilizes its own security architecture.
  • TA system administrators create customized profiles for each user with selected privileges enabled. When a user signs on, the TA system presents access buttons for only those functions for which the user is authorized.
  • Electronic signature via TA requires an additional authorization (PIN) per CMS guidelines.

Platform Audit Logging

  • Keeps detailed transaction logs of all activities including dictating, listening, transcribing, editing, viewing, printing, faxing, downloading and e-signing.
  • Tracks the integrated physician voice file with the transcript.
  • Displays a sequential log including user ID, activity performed, workstation, time and date, relevant fax numbers and relevant printer ID.
  • Provides transcription document versioning. Authorized TA+ users may view prior versions of a document with each version’s author (editor, transcriptionist, or physician) and time and date of changes.
Audit History

Technology Features:

  • While using personal computers, smart phones or tablets, the patient demographic information, transcripts and voice files are triple DES encrypted and password-protected on the devices.
  • When a user, remote or on-site, logs off from the TA+ system, all transcripts, patient demographic data and voice files are removed from the device, including PCs, tablets and smart phones.
  • TA+ does not use e-mail technology to route documents due to HIPAA. All delivery is accomplished within our secure network environment and tracked including hard copy and on-line options such as HL7 and file drop downloads.

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