Transcription with the TA+ Platform

Transcribe+ is the word processing application of the TA+ platform, created especially for healthcare documentation. Both remote and on-site transcriptionists/editors benefit from the built-in productivity tools including the integrated spellchecker, speech recognition, word expander and character/line counting software, all of which eliminate third party software expenses.

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Medical Transcription Service Organizations

Simple splitting and renumbering feature solves the problem of a single voice file containing multiple jobs

Reduced keystrokes avoids fatigue for transcribers

Specialized toolbar depicts specific functions to increase productivity and reduce training

Both text and audio are bookmarked for speedier correction when editing

Our word processor imitates MS Word, but avoids Windows/MSWord compatibility issues

Total dictation length and time remaining for current job are displayed on the media bar

Word Processing Advantages


Speed Typing with Transcribe+

  • Transcribe+ includes an integrated abbreviation expander, Text Replacement
  • Text Replacement initial file contains 1200 pre-programmed acronyms
  • Familiar auto-correct functionality is included with Text Replacement
  • Each user has their own “dictionary” available from any location
  • Text Replacement supports up to 30,000 abbreviations per user, including paragraphs
  • Pre-existing or departmental dictionaries may be merged into each user’s personal file such as local physician names and addresses
  • Spacebar, Tab Key, Enter key or punctuation activates replacement feature to insert text
  • Word lists from other expanders are easily imported into Transcribe+

Efficiency for Managers with Transcribe+

  • New users are up and running quickly without disturbing facility IT departments
  • Transcribers must specify a reason before returning an uncompleted job
  • Managers control how many jobs are delivered to each transcriber
  • Managers control Normals for consistency
    • Normals are selected from a drop-down list, unique for each site
    • Normals may exceed a single line and may contain fill-in jumps
  • Managers configure character or line counting
    • Total flexibility to count headers, and subsequent page headers
  • Cloning feature saves time when creating new templates
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Back-end Speech Recognition

Finally, Automated Quality Assurance

  • TA+ includes up to 9 quality review levels so that transcripts can be proofed by various teams before reaching a ‘Complete’ status
  • Grading can be completed in an Active (before Complete status) or Passive (after Complete status) mode
  • With the TA+ scoring module each customer can configure their own set of errors with associated deductions but the math calculations are completed by the software, saving time
  • Transcriptionists have access within TA+ to their version and the corrected final version of the transcript for education so that faxing and printing are no longer necessary for transcriber training
  • The TA+ system provides quality score reports with accuracy percentages; enabling healthcare sites and MTSOs to provide definitive outcomes to their customers
  • The voice file accompanies the transcript during the QA process for efficiency
  • Supervisors determine the percentage of jobs to be QA’d for each transcriber and for each site
  • Transcribers can quickly insert an ‘Unknown Word’ flag at any point in the transcript to mark an area where they are unable to determine the provider’s words.  Editors are then able to view each Unknown Word, voice and text, sequentially for clarification.

Stand-Alone Transcription Software:

TransNet Solo

Protection and Performance

  • Perfect for single physicians and mental health providers
  • Complex password and encryption for HIPAA
  • Medical, pharmaceutical and standard spellcheckers for accuracy
  • A few keystrokes and the abbreviation expander produces a paragraph or more
  • Media bar display of voice file length and location for time management
  • Look and feel of MS Word for fast and easy start up
  • Templates with logos, bolding, font and color for professional documents
  • Email and FTP delivery automation for efficient communication
TransNet Solo

Transcription solutions created especially for the healthcare industry.

TA+ Platform cloud hosting with zero startup expenses.