In a systems workflow environment “work” can be defined as the effort expended to convert thoughts, either spoken words or data entry, into text and meaningful data.

Workflow+, part of the TA+ platform identifies the type of “work” produced, how it is understood and the dynamics of converting raw text into metadata, where a different type of work, “Analytics”, is performed.


Analytics engages the mathematics and algorithms to digitally analyze the data elements to generate a “Triggered” event. The TA+ Platform employs a unique “Rules Based” architecture specifically designed to easily integrate new products or healthcare related services into a manageable workflow stream. Workflow+ is designed for business process outsourcing companies that require integration with other systems providing a mechanism to manage the flow of work to NLP and ASR engines when applicable or delivering to humans when not appropriate for automation.

Analytics must not only consider the raw real-time data extracted from the text, but analyze the new information against historic data to make decisions relevant to the next event in the process. Workflow+ utilizes analytics to make rules based decisions.

Actions Based on the Knowledge Base

  • Who created the work (human or digital processor)?
  • Who (human), or what (an engine) can perform the work?
  • Where was the work created? (workflow could be to or from a human or a digital processor)
  • Is the human or the engine available to perform the work now?

Events Triggered as Rules are Engaged

  • Present work to on-line worker’s queue
  • Monitor status of work as it advances through system
  • Route work to Quality Assurance when necessary, per rules
  • Submit work back to customer as complete
  • Process managerial reports for QA Analysis, Payroll, Billing
  • Archive the work in TA+ Data Repository if desired

Workflow+ Connects Business Processing Outsourcing Companies to Their Customers

The TA+ platform is perfect for BPO companies, especially MTSOs and Coding companies, which require the latest technology products and technical teams to satisfy their large health system customers. Arrendale has developed Workflow+ to support user needs and can quickly design a custom user interface for unique workflow projects. Workflow+ cloud based systems are now automating work in the US, UK, Ireland and India.

Affiliates, in blue, may become Arrendale Channel partners. Channel Partners resell Arrendale end user products including Mobile+, Speak-EZ+ , Dragon Medical Edition and Revenue Cycle Management Services to strengthen the Affiliate’s product services and offerings with their established and new customers.

Healthcare platforms used for patient care and revenue cycle management (yellow) are connected to Arrendale’s Workflow+ platform. BPO services companies (Green) may or may not be Affiliates, however they too connect to Workflow+ via the cloud to process work.

Completed work is automatically routed via Workflow+ for on-line distribution or via electronic data exchange to the customer. Arrendale has integration expertise connecting dictation, transcription, coding and EHR companies via the TA+ Platform.

Workflow+ interfaces with literally dozens of EHR, RIS/PACS, laboratory (pathology), clinical and pharmaceutical systems to support:

Workflow+ Allows you to Harmonize Your Day

RCM Workflow

Arrendale products are compatible with Dragon software, either newly purchased or already licensed by a healthcare facility, to increase daily productivity by 20 percent or more. Providers wish to spend more time with patients and less time entering data. Arrendale’s unique Dragon integration allows you to dictate using our Mobile+ Smart phone app while making rounds.

By the time you return to your desk the voice files have already been converted by Dragon and are ready for you to review in Speak-EZ+ . Speak-EZ+ is the only Dragon compatible desktop application that allows users to review Dragon converted dictations, edit and sign or suspend for later review. Speak-EZ+ has that “Send to Transcription” feature that will make you more productive on those especially busy days.